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by: Marc

It has come to our attention that some files are missing from K-Meleon installation. They are part of Gecko/mozilla and can be found in any compatible (regarding gecko's version) Mozilla installation (for those who don't trust the download links).

Here is a list of currently fixed bugs, with the corresponding missing files.

  • Bug 620 : "javascript core function missing in KM..."
  • Bug 638 : "Word Search bugzilla.redhat mysteriously fails"

The file for bug 620 is available here. (contains 1 file)
The files for bug 638, here. (contains 5 files)
All-in-one file is here. (contains 6 files)

Installation steps:

  • download the archive
  • uncompress in K-Meleon home directory, under the correct directory ("components" and/or "defaults/..."). (the path is stored in the zip file)
  • close K-Meleon
  • in "components" delete the files named "compreg.dat" and "xpti.dat"

That's all.

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