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Block flash animations

Pick one of these files:

Choosing is only a matter of taste. Both configurations work the same.

Then proceed to install as follows:

  • KM menu: Edit/Preferences/Settings go to the tab userContent.css and add these lines at the bottom:
{ -moz-binding: url("chrome://flashblock/content/flash.xml#obj?"); }
  • Extract the downloaded file to K-Meleon chrome directory (in KM's main directory).
  • Make a backup copy of the file named installed-chrome.txt
  • Edit installed-chrome.txt and add the following line:
  • Important notice: if you've chosen the second file (flashblock-noborders.jar), rename it flashblock.jar or change the line above to work with the longer name.
  • At this stage K-Meleon should be closed.
  • Delete chrome.rdf
  • Restart KM

Example of a page with flash blocked:



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