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by jsnj


InTheDarK is a K-Meleon adaptation and variation of ipeier's unique Black Book skin for Maxthon. Stripped of any primary colors, InTheDarK should blend comfortably with all black-based desktop themes. Furthermore, it comes in three versions:

Icons Only

Icons w/Text


Because adding & removing specific toolbar buttons in K-Meleon can be somewhat tricky, each version has three Main Bar toolbar setups. The normal or standard setups are pretty similar to K-Meleon's default. The '+' setups add a left-click Compact menu button as a replacement for the space consuming Main Menu bar. Finally, for minimalists, the ' - ' setups contain only the navigation buttons with the Compact menu to provide an even more uncluttered view. For all versions & setups, right-clicking the Stop button's ' X ' gives quick access to the Privacy menu's Block, Clear & Kill features.

To see InTheDarK within a black-based desktop theme click here
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