K-Meleon 1.1 Development

Current bugs (1.1a2)

(Fill me with 1.1-only bugs. Bugs affecting 1.1 and 1.0 should be in the BTS instead.)

  • Favicon transparency issue with http://xs209.xs.to/xs209/06472/favicon.png e.g. (black background instead of transparent), because "they use a 2bpp transparency bitmap, which is not supported by window. Which mean I have to convert it to a 4bpp image.".
    • Not sure if I can fix that one -- Dorian.
  • URL Bar search doesn't work. K-M says "The URL is not valid and cannot be loaded" when "some test" is entered, although "keyword autosearch" is enabled.
    • FIXED (still not with layer...)
      • 1.1a3/b1: not fixed when clicking on entry in URL drop down box, entering is indeed fixed though (ra)
  • When something is selected on a page there are no link items (like open link in new window / background window, copy link location, etc.) in the right click context menu when the user right clicks on a link on the same page (that link is not neccessarily part of the selection). In order to be able to continue regular surfing the user first has to de-select... => Regular context menu should still be there if something is selected.
    • Correct behavior would be to check if the click was around the selected text. But this is not possible.
    • Dorian: Looks like in SeaMonkey, the link and image (and frame?) context menus is simply given higher priority then the selected text menu. No chance to reproduce this? (kko)
    • FIXED
  • Mouse shortcuts in accel.cfg in the profile don't overwrite default ones
    • FIXED
  • Related to "Fix: #878 Ctrl-Backspace deletes wrong part of URL": If an URL ends with "/something123/" double-clicking on "something123" selects "something123/" <- including the slash (incorrect). But when the end of the URL is "/something123/a" double-clicking on "something123" selects "something123" <- without the slash (correct). In both cases "something123" should be selected, with the slash being the delimiter.
    • FIXED -- Verify in next build
      • verified as fixed in 1.1a3/b1 (ra)
  • Edit - Preferences shows the wrong skin name ("Klassic"), used one ("Phoenity") is displayed only after toggling.
    Only in conjunction with pre 1.1 profiles (kko).
    • FIXED when updating profile -- Verify in next build
      • verified as fixed in 1.1a3/b1 (kko)
  • Inline auto-complete doesn't work anymore, browser.urlbar.autoFill = true has no effect.
    • FIXED -- Verify in next build
      • verified as fixed in 1.1a3/b1 (ra)
  • Using a macro to view an image using a keyboard-mouse-shortcut sometimes crashes the browser if it is applied to an already viewed image.
    • FIXED -- Verify in next build
      • verified as fixed in 1.1a3/b1 (ra)
  • No way to disable the new "shrink to fit" image option from Gecko when viewing large images like http://www.sonyericsson.com/downloads/W950_dark_blue_front.jpg on a left click on the image ("Advanced Preferences > Page Display: Images: Resize large images to fit in the browser window" has no effect).
    Invalid - New Gecko feature, no km/kmprefs bug (kko).

Macros bugs

Please report macro issues in the Bugs Forum (kko)

Difficult to reproduce bugs

  • Probably Macros Plugin: The save as directory is not always remembered. With numerous windows open (windows only mode), changing the directory in one window doesn't always change it for the others. It doesn't matter whether page load is still in progress or finished. Works correct when there are no kmms loaded (macros plugin disabled or main.kmm absent). Not caused by kmm code. Could not reproduce it yet, can't say anything about layers. Report (kko)
  • Core/Gecko: K-M's sometimes stalling. It's just doing nothing for several seconds (20-30), no progress while loading pages in any window visible (and no data transfer either!), and then it progresses fine. It might happen only if one of the windows is a page with many many small thumbnails, that K-M is loading quite slowly, but it most likely seems to happen when a page is not responding. (One not responding site is hanging the whole browser.)
    • I've observed this too with km 1.1a3/b1 accessing our forum. When the SF/Chongqed logo hosting servers aren't responding, the browser seems to be locked, the GUI is not responding. I could reproduce the exact same behavior in SeaMonkey 1.1.1.
      Confirmed - SeaMonkey/Gecko bug (kko)

Improvement wishes of currently new 1.1 features

  • The send insecure warning dialog and others show now up in the task bar. With many K-M windows open I would prefer them to have a different icon (like a red lizard) or no icon at all to make it easier to find them (I just had one pop up, but continued to work elsewhere, had lots of green icons on the task bar, but didn't notice the one from the dialog at first...).
    • Is that better than without any icons?
      • Either a different icon or no icon at all, but definately not the same green icon *everywhere*, if you ask me. Personally I'd go for no icon at all, but if it could be skinned in a way to achieve the same it would be even better. (ra)

Improvement wishes of older features

  • The Cookies Permissions/Exceptions dialog should be able to add/display session cookies (code 8 in hostperm.1). (kko)

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