K-Meleon 1.5 Development

Latest Builds

Build 21: Fortunately, most of the bugs fixed were trivial and easy to fix. The only major change is the addition of @TabList? and @WindowList? for the menus.

Tab bugs/improvements

  • There is no right click context menu for items in the chevron drop down list (">>") and you can't drag'n drop an entry from there to some other place in the tab bar.
  • With a certain number of open tabs (grow them one by one) the last tab is displayed twice 1) at the end of the tab bar and 2) as the first (and only) item in the chevron drop down list (">>") on the right.
  • Please highlight the current tab item in the drop down list that appears on the right (">>") if you have too many tabs open, just like the current tab in the the tab bar.
    • FIXED 1.5a2 (build 21)
      • Confirmed as fixed in build 21 with a checkmark. (ra)
  • Tabs should be closed upon releasing the mouse button, not when starting the second click from the doubleclick (so you can keep the button pressed and move the mouse away to *not* close the tab) (ra, 2007-11-20).
    • The undo close make this VLP (Very Low Priority)
      • Isn't that just a matter of switching from mouseDown- to mouseUp-event? It's not only about undo close, but also usability - AFAIK all other browsers react on mouse button release.
        • no, I'm using the doubleclick event.
          • I still have problems getting used to it, but if no one else complains...
  • Bookmark groups (nick-names) should be opened in background *tabs* if tabs are *on* (not background windows like in 1.5a1/2) and in background windows if tabs are off -- or there should be a setting... (ra, 2007-11-20)
    • That's the purpose of kmeleon.general.opengroup
      • Okay, so kko, how about toggling that one when tabs are enabled/disabled?

Regressions from 1.1.x

  • Using type ahead find pressing F3 doesn't take you to the next result anymore, but opens the Search-prompt (instead).
  • There are disabled menu entries for tabbed browsing in the right click context menu on links (and on File and View menus as well). Why are they there at all in non-tabs mode? Please remove them if tabs are disabled - there are users that don't want to be bothered with tabbing stuff unfortunately...
    • We're still unsure on how we will handle that, maybe splitting the menu conf file.
      • What about not displaying disabled menu entries or exposing tabs as conditionals ("if tabs" the same way plugins can be checked, like "if macros")? (ra, 2007-11-20)
  • Locked menus are misaligned (buttons move to the left and leave space on the right, looks ugly compared to versions < 1.5, especially if you put several bars on the same row next to each other)
    • Not sure why but you have to resize the browser after locking/unlocking for them to realign correctly.
    • Dorian: That doesn't fix it (use a different skin than Phoenity). I think, the width of the toolbars has to be reduced when locking the toolbars (the grippy is then removed, but the space required for the grippy is not - at least not always). (kko)
      • There is another problem: button graphics overlapping the vertical line after locking (ra, 2007-11-20)
    • FIXED for 1.5a2
      • Still an open issue with build 21. (ra)
        • There is no difference in behavior compared to IE
  • Missing substitute for layers() in menus (list of current tabs) (kko)
    • FIXED for 1.5a2 (build 21 add @TabList?)
  • Macros plugin: setmenu(...,where) with where=0 seems to work like where=-1 (the item is added at the end of the menu, not at the beginning) (kko)
    • is it a setmenu() only issue? (ie settings.cfg is not affected?) (dorian)
      • no, position index has generally no effect in menus.cfg (items are always added at the end of the menu);
        labels and commands are working correctly in both setmenu() and menus.cfg (kko)
        • FIXED for 15a2 when 0 is used for position in setmenu(). The rest didn't change since 1.1

Macro bugs

Please report macro issues in the Bugs Forum (kko)

Other bugs

  • The browser doesn't remember its previous window size (maximized in my case, tabs are off) on startup and when using "undo last closed window". In the last case the opened window has the status maximized while it covers only a third of the screen, so you first have to restore it (to the exact same size) in order to correctly maximize it.
    • More exact (kko):
      • kmeleon.display.maximized ignored at startup.
        • Look like it works for me
          • Found a weird behavior of windows. maybe FIXED for 1.5a2
      • Window state "maximized" is not correctly restored for saved sessions when the current window is maximized. The middle window button in the title bar indicates "maximized", but the window itself isn't. Maybe this is already resolved when sessions are opened in addition to the current window...
        • FIXED for 1.5a2
    • Build 21: Only partly fixed. Fixed for undo last close, but not for initial window status (close browser maximized and start it again => not maximized).
      • Currently work OK for me (dorian)
        • Have you tried with tabs disabled? It's a always repro for me (build 21 now). The window size is remembered but not the maximized-status when restarting the browser (workaround would be a shortcut with maximized window, but that shouldn't be necessary).
  • Text in cookie prompt partly broken: "The site ... wants to set a cookie" - instead of the site's name there are only "boxes" visible (Unicode character problem?). The details shown below the text work.
    • FIXED for 1.5a2
      • Confirmed as fixed in build 21. (ra)
  • Is "Resume" really working with downloads? I had a download that stalled, so I clicked on "Pause", waited a second and clicked "Resume" - but there was no reaction at all, neither on the download nor the connection visible. (Closing the browser and restarting it and starting the download again led to a successful download.)
    • There are 2 methods called pause and resume. I'm just using them ;+)) This work like firefox pause/resume.
    • Resuming paused downloads works for me. (kko)
      When a download is stalling, it's because the server is too busy or isn't responding anymore at all. Obviously, you cannot resume the download when the server isn't responding...
      • Well, you can resume if the server was just down for a second, the download stalled for some other reason (but the server is reachable in general) or your connection broke away. But in all these cases you can't resume the download with K-M. That makes this feature kind of useless, because you have to start the download again manually (and it will process fine then) cancelling the initial download ... (ra, 2007-11-20)
    • Dorian: Why is the Pause/Resume feature only offered when you choose to "open" a download?
      • What do you mean? Just saved something and pause/resume was working.
        • :p Forget about it. Found something else:
    • Start a download, pause it, then cancel it. Try to start the download anew.
      AFAICT, the connection is kept alive while the download is paused. Cancelling the paused download, doesn't terminate the connection however. When you try to restart the download, km indicates being busy, but nothing happens. (kko)
    • should be FIXED for 1.5a2 (build21)
  • Preferences-wise tabs have to be activated before they can be deactivated
    • FIXED in 1.5a1 update 1 (kko)
  • If you enter s.th. in a text box while a cookie prompt is open you'll write right to left... (just noticed that, dunno about 1.1)
    • A know bug with Gecko 1.8 with modal dialog in general, there is a know workaroud for it but I've never implemented it because nobody ever complained about it.
  • With browser.urlbar.autocomplete.enabled set to false, the browser crashes when pressing Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+Tab if the URL bar has the focus. (kko)

Old bugs

  • Local files with umlauts or accents in the path name fail to open in external applications (external source code editor and apps called through macros). (kko)
    Such characters are double-escaped (%??%??) in km's URL. Most Windows apps fail to interprete this correctly (e.g. IE and Notepad).
    • External source code editor:
      1) Convert "file:///c:/folder/name.ext" paths into "c:\folder\name.ext" paths given in the local Windows character set.
      2) Remove any trailing "?..." and "#..." components.
      • FIXED? for 1.5a2 (build 21)
    • Macros:
      The exec() statement suffers from the same problem. I guess, we need an urldecode() function?
  • Keyword Autosearch doesn't work when Typed URLs are set to open in a new tab (kmeleon.general.openurl = ID_OPEN_LINK_IN_NEW_TAB) or background tab (kmeleon.general.openurl = ID_OPEN_LINK_IN_BACKGROUNDTAB). Same in 1.1 with layers. (kko)
    • FIXED 1.5a2

Difficult to reproduce bugs

  • The first bookmark or favorite opened after startup is sometimes opened in a new background window, although the browser is configured to open it in the current window. It works like it is supposed to for subsequent items.
    • Can't reproduce currently
    • Can't reproduce either (kko)
      • Mmh, can you try again, the bug's there. And possibly related: With tabs on only the first bookmark of a bookmarks group is opened when you first try it (enter the nick in the url bar). When you open the group again (enter the nick again) the other bookmarks are opened, too; but in background windows - I suppose they should be opened in background tabs when tabs are on. (ra, 2007-11-20)
      • More exact: Disable tabs, restart the browser (just to make sure). Open a page and open several links from that page in new background windows. Now open a bookmark. => The bookmark will load in the last window opened in the background overwriting the page that was loading there, instead of the current page. If you open the bookmark again in a different window it will load in this window like it is supposed to do.
      • FIXED for 1.5a2 (in build21 too)
  • Probably Macros Plugin: The save as directory is not always remembered. With numerous windows open (windows only mode), changing the directory in one window doesn't always change it for the others. It doesn't matter whether page load is still in progress or finished. Works correct when there are no kmms loaded (macros plugin disabled or main.kmm absent). Not caused by kmm code. Could not reproduce it yet, can't say anything about layers. Report (kko)
    • Haven't had this problem with 1.5a2 yet. Was there some change that might related to it? (ra)
      • Too much to tell :)
  • Core/Gecko: K-M's sometimes stalling. It's just doing nothing for several seconds (20-30), no progress while loading pages in any window visible (and no data transfer either!), and then it progresses fine. It might happen only if one of the windows is a page with many many small thumbnails, that K-M is loading quite slowly, but it most likely seems to happen when a page is not responding. (One not responding site is hanging the whole browser.)
    • I've observed this too with km 1.1a3/b1 accessing our forum. When the SF/Chongqed logo hosting servers aren't responding, the browser seems to be locked, the GUI is not responding. I could reproduce the exact same behavior in SeaMonkey 1.1.1.
      Confirmed - SeaMonkey/Gecko bug (kko)
      • Will that still be a problem with KM1.5?
        • Look like it. KM still hang some time, and I'm unable to find where.
        • Mmm my case was different I guess. For me it happens after browsing a site with java. This can be incredibly annoying (freeze 2-3 seconds after each page load). (dorian)
      • There seems to be a similar problem with many tabs open: If you click on a link and/or open a new tab the browser is unresponsive until the site actually begins to load(mmh, make that render?), with K-M pausing for 2-3 seconds inbetween.

Improvement wishes of currently new 1.5 features

  • Better command registration, with a way to get the list of available command.
  • Add more gecko event (to improve macro functionnality)
  • Skin support png & zip

Improvement wishes of older features

  • Please remember a proxy's username and password. Currently users have to re-enter the username and password every time the browser is started. (ra, 2007-11-20)
    • How does kmeleon ask for username & password? No checkbox to remember password?
      • The usual prompt appears, username & pwd. can be saved, but they are not remembered (might be related to the fact that I'm sometimes prompted to enter the data while the browser is still open, so I'm not 100% sure what's to blame). ? -- I'd favor a pref for proxy's credentials like other browsers handle it.
        • I'm afraid kmeleon can't do much for this, probably the password manager is not doing its work (or you have several password stored for the same domain, or maybe because it's empty). Kmeleon just display what gecko ask for. Any way for me to test it? (just to be sure)
          • Is there no way to store the data for the proxy with Gecko aside from the usual password manager? I'm afraid I don't know a proxy to test it, as the one I'm having the problem with is a corporate proxy that's not accessible from the Internet.
            • I don't think so, I wouldn't even know for what domain I should save it. :-\

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