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This page lists K-Meleon plugins which are not included in the official package. These plugins are created by third-party developers, and may contain harmful code. Use at your own risk.

searchbar plugin

This plugin adds a search bar to K-Meleon.

Privacy Plugin 0.0.3 (April 27th, 2004)

submitted by Romanito

Download from the webpage.

This plugin allows you to automatically clear history, cookies, cache, URL bar history and sign on data (logins and passwords) when K-Meleon starts up or shuts down.

Mouse Gestures Plugin with Rocker Navigation 0.0.4 (May 6, 2004)

submitted by Romanito

Download from the webpage.

This is a modified version of the original Mouse Gestures Plugin by Ulf Erikson. It simply adds the rocker navigation gestures (à la Opera):

  • hold down right button, click left button -> Back
  • hold down left button, click right button -> Forward

Use these preferences to change the rocker gestures behavior:

  • kmeleon.plugins.gestures.RL (default ID_NAV_BACK)
  • kmeleon.plugins.gestures.LR (default ID_NAV_FORWARD)

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