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Submitted by: JamesD


The GoPgRank macro and associated files will allow the user to retrieve the Google Page Rank of the current document.

Steps to set up GoPgRank function

[ Step 1 ] Create a new folder in your user macro folder and name it “GoPgRank”. To find your user macro folder do ( Edit –> Configuration –> Profile Directory ) and open the folder called Macros.

[ Step 2 ] Download grank.zip and extract the files to the GoPgRank folder. Grank.zip is available from http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/grank.html . The three files in the zip total 29,618 bytes.

[ Step 4 ] Open your User Macro Folder (Edit -> Configuration -> User-Defined Macros) and create the following text file: “GoPgRank.kmm” from the code below.

[ Step 5 ] When K-Meleon is restarted you will find the "Google Page Rank" in the “Tools” menu, the "View" menu and the Document Popup menu. You can comment out any locations that you don't want. When you click on "Google Page Rank" you will get a popup window. Click on the "Paste & Retreive" button to obtain the Google page rank.


Added macroinfo data for menus

Open your User Macro Folder (Edit > Configuration > User-Defined Macros) or your Macro Folder (Edit > Configuration > Macros) and create the following text file(s):


#  K-Meleon Macros (http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php?id=MacroLanguage)
# ---------- GoPgRank.kmm
# ---------- K-Meleon Macro Language Show Google page rank ---------------
# Dependencies       : -  main.kmm 
# Resources           : -  grank.exe
# Preferences         : -
# Version               :  -  0.4   2008-09-26
# --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

macroinfo = "Start external program. Use 'Paste & Retrieve' to obtain Google Page rank";
exec("\"".getfolder(UserMacroFolder)."\\GoPgRank\\grank.exe\"") ;


## show in View menu ;
setmenu("&View",separator, -1);
setmenu("&View",macro,"Google Page Rank",_GoPgRank_RunCode);

## show in Tools menu ;
setmenu("&Tools",macro,"Google Page Rank",_GoPgRank_RunCode,Misc);

## show in Document Popup ;
setmenu("Document",macro,"Google Page Rank",_GoPgRank_RunCode);

### grank.exe is supposed to be located in a subfolder, GoPgRank, of the user macro folder.


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