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K-Meleon Macro Library (old)

Here you'll find user submitted macros for K-Meleon prior to version 1.1.

To submit your own macro, click EditThisPage and place the link to your page at the top of the list. Please use a valid WikiWord for the name of your page. For your convenience, you can use the Macro Submission Template as a guide to create your macro page by copy & pasting its contents into yours and then filling it out with your macro information.


  • BlinkList 02-26-07 - Add and View Blinklist
  • ClipTex 12-22-06 - Send selected text directly to a simple text editor/clipboard viewer.
  • Shadows luamacros 01-12-06 - Post a bookmark and view shadow page at Shadows. (uses luamacros plugin)
  • Google Cache 12-24-05 - View the Google cache entry of the current page or link.
  • del.icio.us 12-15-05 - Post a bookmark to del.icio.us.
  • Create Shortcut 09-01-05 - Send URLs to your desktop as Internet Shortcut.
  • Page Speed 04-01-05 - Tweak K-Meleon Page Download Speed.
  • BugMeNot 02-28-05 - Bypass site registration.
  • ICQ 06-04-04 - This opens Web-ICQ in a Popup Window.
  • Open Nick or Macro 26-12-03 - This macro allows you to open a nickname or macro via a prompt which is called from an accel or toolbar button.
  • Toggling toolbars 12-05-03 - This macro creates variables that can be used to toggle specific toolbars (KM and user-defined).
  • Decode ROT13 10-31-03 - Use this macro to decode or encode ROT13 coded text.
  • Disable Style 09-20-03 - Disables style sheets for the page you are viewing.
  • SL Sök? 09-16-03 - This script is only interesting for Swedes.
  • Play Link in Winamp 09-04-03 - General purpose macro for playing local or remote links in Winamp.
  • Print Prep 07-19-03 - Formats the current page for improved printing to a monochrome printer (strips colors, etc).
  • Python 06-08-03 - Python fan's menu collection.
  • Open Directory 06-08-03 - Open a specific directory using Windows Explorer.
  • List Images as Links 04-25-03 - Creates a list of all images as clickable links rather than the images themselves.
  • IE via Neptune plugin 02-28-03 - Using the Neptune plugin to embed an IE5 browsing frame in K-M & load the Windows Update site in it.


The macros or features of the macros below are included by default in K-Meleon 1.1

  • Reload Image 09-01-05 - Force (re)load of broken or blocked images.
  • Detach a layer (Works in v0.8.2 only) 24-12-03 - This macro is a modification of the version available by default in macros.cfg. The effect is opening a new window with the current page while closing the layer in the current window.


The macros or features of the macros below are included by default in K-Meleon 1.0

  • Translate 08-07-05 - Translate webpages and selected text.
  • View All Images 01-19-05 - View all images on a page in a centered column.
  • Image List 09-04-03 - List all images in current browsing page.


The macros or features of the macros below are included by default in K-Meleon 0.9

  • Domain Completion 04-27-04 - Refinement of the ctrl_enter macro found in the default file. Adds "http://www." and ".com", ".net", or ".org" to the text in the URL bar for processing.
  • Paste & Go 01-25-04 - Creates a menu item and toolbar button to automate pasting clipboard contents to the URL bar for processing.
  • Aggreg8 01-09-04 - For RSS Feeds.
  • Load URL in New Layer 20-12-03 - This Macro allows you to load a URL from the URL bar in a new Layer - preserving the current page
  • Close layer button 12-10-03 - This code adds a new toolbar containing a "close layer" button.
  • Groups 10-26-03 - Group & Session support.
  • Search Button 09-10-03 - Adds a Google search button to your toolbar.
  • Session Macro 09-04-03 - Implements session support w/ 8 save slots.
  • E-Mail Text 09-01-03 -E-mail selected text on a page.
  • Open in IE 05-19-03 - Opens a webpage in MSIE - When need arises that you really must open your webpage in that Other Browser (e.g. javascript or plug-in problems). Go ahead. Indulge in the Dark Side.
  • Highlight 03-07-03 - Highlights all instances of a word on a webpage.
  • Open Image Links -02-20-03 - Opens All Linked/Tagged Images In The Current Page.
  • View link's URL 02-19-03 - Slight variation of the "View Link URL" macro found in the LinkPopup menu.
  • Find All 02-19-03 - Searches for a string in a page.

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