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-- Submitted by: JohnHell?


This is a useful currency converter that is based in the oanda.com instructions to add their currency converter to your browser. If you highlight a text and then apply this macro you will be able to convert the amount. If you don't highlight any text it opens a pront window where you can write your desired amount of money to convert (ever without currency symbols)

Note that to be able to use with the currencies that you usally converts, you need to visit their FXBrowser page to set a cookie with your preferred currencies in the cookie.txt of KM

In Macros:

Remember that this is an original code from Oanda.com:

# Currency change with Oanda

menu = "Cambio moneda de Oanda" #translate this to your language and your preferred text. (I'm spanish)
open("javascript:q=document.getSelection();for(i=0;i<frames.length;i++){q=framesi.document.getSelection();if(q)break;}if(!q)void(q=prompt('Enter the amount:',''));if(q)location.href='http://www.oanda.com/cgi-bin/fxcommerce/qcc?amount='+(q)")

In Menus:

I think that the best idea to use this code is to put it under the selected text definition:

# Currency change with Oanda


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