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By using an old profile with a new version of K-Meleon you might miss some of the new features. Compare your profile files with those available in C:\Program Files\K-Meleon\defaults\profile\ and do the needed adjustments.

For migrating from K-Meleon 0.7 to K-Meleon 0.8 these new features include LButton, MButton and RButton in accel.cfg, and DocumentImagePopup and FrameDocumentImagePopup in menus.cfg.

Backup your old K-Meleon profile

The profile files are normally located in:

C:\Program Files\K-Meleon\Profiles\[your name]\!!!!!!!!.slt

The following files can be backed up to tranfer your profile to a new install of K-Meleon. Do not try to transfer any other files. (and never mind if your profile doesn't have all of these files)


  • Configuration file for keyboard accelerators (shortcuts)


  • A Hypertext document containing your saved bookmarks.


  • Your cookie permissions file.


  • Configuration file for macros


  • Configuration file for the browser menus. These define the order and text displayed for all menus


  • A text file containing your saved hotlist.


  • Preference file edited through the preference dialog (or about:config).
  • WARNING - It is best not to tranfer the complete file. Copy into user.js the preferences you want to keep. Do not transfer prefs which reference your old profile.


  • User preference file which overrides the Prefs.js file.

Other files that you should consider saving.

K-Meleon\Profiles\[your name]\!!!!!!!!.slt\Chrome\userContent.css

  • This is a Cascading Style Sheet that controls K-Meleon's display content

K-Meleon\Skins\[downloaded skins]

  • Save any downloaded skins that you may have in this folder.

K-Meleon\plugins\[added plugins]

  • Backup any extra plugins you may have added.

Installing your new K-Meleon

  1. Save the above files in a safe place.
  2. Uninstall K-Meleon.
  3. Ensure that the directory C:\Progam Files\K-Meleon is either empty or deleted.
  4. Install K-Meleon and make your choice of options to include.
  5. Start K-Meleon in the default profile. Go to Edit > Manage Profiles > New > [your name] > check Ask At Startup > OK
  6. Close K-Meleon and open your file manager.
  7. Copy your saved profile files into their respective directories.
  8. Restart K-Meleon, selecting the new profile. If all went well, your are now enjoying you newly updated K-Meleon.

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