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Rapido's Replicas Page 2

All themes ported by Rapido
Comments by Al.

Themes here are only compatible with K-Meleon v0.8.x unless otherwise specified.


(Feb. 14th '04) Download Panther
It has been rumored that this is the skin which has even inspired Steve Jobs to take up web browsing with K-Meleon in his spare time. Look out Safari, Apple now wants K-Meleon on the Mac!


(Feb. 29th '04) Download Flintstones
As Fred would say: Yabba Dabba Doo! This theme has been inspired by the cartoon series of the same name.


(Feb.29th '04) Download Gamesville
Another nice theme portage by Rapido, featuring yet another evil looking smiley-face. Do not trust smiley-face!

K-M Cleopatra

(Feb. 18th '04) Download Cleopatra
This theme will have you walking like an Eqypt-ian in next to no time. Way-O Way-O!

K-M Dune

(Feb. 20th '04) Download Dune
Straight from the desert planet of Arrakis, this theme is inspired by the Frank Herbert novels (and movie) of the same name. Be careful though, melange is a much sought after commodity...

K-M Hotbot

(Feb. 29th '04) Download Hotbot
Oooo baby this Bot is Hot for you! What more can you say really...

K-M Jaws

(Feb. 29th '04) Download Jaws
Just when you thought it was safe to browse the web again, along comes Jaws to bite a chunk out of your browser window.

K-M Lexx

(Feb. 29th '04) Download Lexx
Beware Lexx Luthor is out to steal your K-Meleon browsing Superpowers!

K-M Planet-X

(Feb. 20th '04) Download Planet-X
Too many re-runs of Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica will have you drooling at this sci-fi inspired theme with glee. Scotty, set the controls for the heart of the sun.

K-M Xena

(Feb. 18th '04) Download Xena
It's time to kick some serious butt with a theme which in some ways is a tribute to the Warrior Princess Xena.

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