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Rapido's Replicas

All themes ported by Rapido

This is Page 1, for more of Rapido's Replicas please visit Page 2, Page 3 and Page 4. Themes here are only compatible with K-Meleon v0.8.x unless otherwise specified.

Opera Dream

(Dec. 31th '05) Download Opera Dream for K-Meleon v0.9
It's just a dream come true that's what it is. Opera Dream the best theme there is.

K-M Core

(Dec. 19th '05) Download K-M Core for K-Meleon v0.9
Someone wanted a metallic touch so here it is the K-M Core for K-Meleon.

K-M Crisp

(Dec. 18th '05) Download K-M Crisp for K-Meleon v0.9
Giving a cool touch to the browser. As some one once said I could eat this browser on the spot.


internal://1c3f97959bb007bc25bd37a6e64bb2e9.png (Feb. 18th '04) Download AquaMac
Nice colorful 3d icons round off a theme which is reminiscent of the MacOSX operating system style of icons.


internal://a27c66c5b1a606c8b24619f77ecf190b.png (Feb. 14th '04) Download Bourbon
Simple hues of grey and green belie the underlying complexities and intricate nature of the beast we have grown to love and know as K-Meleon. True spartan artwork from Rapido.


internal://c5cc54ca6ce19969c7c1341b07c4c3a1.png (Feb. 16th '04) Download Crystal2
A theme which is not unlike the Linux desktop environment known as KDE.

FauxS Amber

internal://2577932ae5c94e218add72b7e2db2ffb.png (Feb. 16th '04) Download FauxS Amber
Another FauxS style theme this time sporting amber colored icons.

FauxS Emerald

internal://cd9269ce3e81bb85676c9370d0ce567b.png (Feb. 15th '04) Download FauxS Emerald
Ahh brings back memories of days long ago in Ireland, kissing the blarney stone, drinking Guiness and chasing enchanted leprechauns. Nicely rounded icons with a hint of green.


internal://69fb017a9259ad61e73730471a68dea4.png (Feb. 14th '04) Download Foundation
Like a bizarre collection of marbles committed to art, Rapido will shake your foundations with this gem of a theme.


internal://badcb43b3f41fdb3e20fa6d1badf6bed.png (Feb. 13th '04) Download Mozilla!
A variation of the theme seen only previously on Mozi-Meleon builds and now ported and fixed by Rapido to work with K-Meleon v0.8+. Very Orbit-esque in appearance.


internal://5a053092bcb5c84c119902689bfad007.png (Feb. 14th '04) Download Orbit
One of the more popular themes for Mozilla is now available for K-Meleon thanks to Rapido.


internal://e2987e33e9b70d804f8ed2b5b86879ab.png (Feb. 13th '04) Download OrbitBlue
A port of the Orbit-Blue theme now for the first time on K-Meleon.

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