What's New, Improved and Fixed in This Release New

  • K-Meleon core
    • Current Mozilla 1.5 code
    • Bookmarks/Favorites/Hotlist nickname lookup from the URL bar
    • Save individual frame in a frameset
    • Show a context menu for pages with background image
    • Show page info and frame info
    • Support for binding actions to mouse buttons
    • Support for editing preferences using about:configs


  • K-Meleon core
    • File Downloading
    • Browser icons
    • Skin support
    • Tooltip display
  • Bookmarks plugin
    • AddLink? from context popup menu or macros 'pluginmsg' command
    • Support for Mozilla keywords
    • FindAsYouType?
  • Favorites plugin
    • Support for Internet Explorer Search URL
  • Fullscreen plugin
    • Improved fullscreen display
    • Fullscreen at start-up preference added
  • History plugin
    • Added global history panel
    • FindAsYouType?
  • Hotlist plugin
    • FindAsYouType?
  • Layers Plugin
    • Basic support for "sessions"

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