K-Meleon 0.8 Service Pack 1 Release Notes

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These release notes outline features and known issues for K-Meleon 0.7 Service Pack 7. These release notes were last updated December XX, 2003. K-Meleon 0.8 Service Pack 1 was released on December XX, 2003. The most current version of these release notes are available at http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/wiki/?id=ReleaseNotes08SP1


About K-Meleon 0.8 Service Pack 1

K-Meleon 0.7 Service Pack 1 is released under the GNU General Public License. K-Meleon uses the Gecko rendering engine developed for Mozilla which provides excellent support for current HTML, CSS and DOM standards. K-Meleon 0.7 and also K-Meleon 0.7 Service Pack 1 contains portions of Mozilla 1.2 beta.

This service pack is only intended to be used with K-Meleon 0.7. You must install K-Meleon 0.7 first before installing this service pack.

What's New, Improved and Fixed in This Release


  • Global History using embed_lite.dll


  • Gestures plugin


  • K-Meleon executable
    • Cache directory created with profile
    • Display of statusbar when opening in background
    • Improved support for issuing context menu commands from external 3rd party applications
    • Tooltips display
  • Layers Plugin
    • Support skinning through the skins directory and macro
  • Macros Plugin
    • Addition of $TITLE variable
    • Event-based macros (reserved macro names called on special events)
  • Rebarmenu Plugin
    • Handle menus that pop-up upwards

Please review the list of new preferences? for the updated plugins.

Mouse Gesture support is available using StrokeIt.


The fixes in this release are generally listed above under the improvements to the various components. Specific bug information is available in the Bug Reporting System.

Installation Notes

This service pack is only intended to be used with K-Meleon 0.7. You must install K-Meleon 0.7 first before installing this service pack.

  1. It is recommended that you exit all programs before running the Setup program. If you use the Loader, please exit the Loader before running the Setup program.
  2. Double-click on the kmeleon07sp1.exe file to start the Setup process. At any time in the process that you need to stop the K-Meleon installation, click on the Cancel button.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions in the Setup program. When prompted for the location to install the Service Pack, select the location of your current K-Meleon installation.
  4. When completed, the updated K-Meleon will start automatically.


  1. There is no uninstall option for this Service Pack.

Known Issues/Problems

There are currently no known issues or problems specific to K-Meleon 0.7 Service Pack 1. Please review the release notes for K-Meleon 0.7 for known issues and problems related to the original release.

The K-Meleon Team

Core Developers:

Jeff Doozan
Brian Harris
Mark Liffiton

Plugin Developers:

Ulf Erikson
Rob Johnson

Project Documentation:

Andrew Mutch

Past Contributors:

Christophe Thibault
Sebastian Spaeth
Chak Nanga


K-Meleon uses some bits from:

NSIS Installer (c) 2002 Nullsoft
Gecko and System Icon from Mozilla
SourceForge: Project hosting

More Information

K-Meleon provides a number of resources to support your use of K-Meleon:


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