This is an outline of items that we should expect to see in K-Meleon 1.0.

Revised: December 6, 2003



  • Toolbar which supports both icons and text
  • Graphical interfaces for: Cookies, Download, Forms, Images, Password Management, Popups, Security
  • Advanced User Preferences
  • Revised Preference Panels
  • Improved support for display options (colors, fonts, etc.)
  • Kiosk-mode features including the ability to launch into kiosk mode at the command line and block file system access
  • Full Frame support including source
  • Fully integrated online help
  • Support for extensions like XSLT
  • History support including URL Bar Autocomplete
  • Clear ULR Bar function
  • Offline browsing
  • Ability to View Cache
  • Ability to View Page Info
  • Open selected url/search with selected text options
  • Automatically generate shortcut keys text in menus
  • Ctrl/alt/shift modifiers when clicking link
  • Search toolbar or sidepanel
  • New default skin


  • Full featured Tabs/Layers plugin
  • Common Interfaces for Bookmarks, Favorites and Hotlists
  • URLbar plugin: keywords/aliases
  • Plugin loading/unloading without restarting


  • Graphical interface for modifying the toolbar
  • Graphical interface for menu configurations
  • Multiple search engines in drop down list on search form
  • Predefined quick insert data for forms via right click (name, address, etc)


  • Complete Internationalization Support
  • Full Support for Characters Sets and Encoding


  • PGP/Encryption plugins
  • Simple method to erase cookies and history

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