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Welcome to the Unofficial K-Meleon versions page. Here you'll find links to unofficial K-Meleon versions. These aren't official packages, and are just referenced here to make the search easier. For more Unofficial versions check out the Links to External Resources page (maintained by Al.)

Warning: No guarantees for these versions.
K-Meleon 0.9.13 update 1 (06-11-2006)?
K-Meleon 0.9 Fr4 & En4 (12-21-2005)?
K-Meleon 0.9.13-plus8 (02-24-2006)?
K-MeleonCCF ME 0.048 (12-12-2005)?
K-MeleonCCF 0.04 B3 (12-14-2005)?
Spanish K-Meleon v0'9 (EJ v1'5) (05-25-2006)?
K-Meleon-ME1.7.12-mod-fromCD (1-26-2006)?

K-Meleon 0.9.13 update 1 (June 11th, 2006)

submitted by Fred

Download here (.exe file) or here (.zip file)

This is the original 0.9.13 version, updated to Mozilla 1.7.13 Nightly using Gecko/20060610 with some additional features. Note : Mozilla 1.7 will not get any further official releases, but new bugs should still be eliminated in ongoing nightlies. New Firefox and Seamonkey versions have been released because of security reasons. That is why we offer this Update 1 for K-Meleon 0.9.13 , based on the latest nightly of the 1.7 branch

Added again(as earlier included in 0.9.12) :

  1. Hotkeys.
  2. User defined Proxies.
  3. Font size setting.


K-Meleon 0.9 Fr4 & En4 (December 21th, 2005)

submitted by Jujuland

Download from JujuLand (Fr4 and En4 exe).

Mozilla 1.7.12 Standard (Gecko/20050914)

First, I must explain that En4 is the english translation of Fr4 which succeded to Fr1, Fr2 and Fr3. I've name it En4 in reference of the french version.

What's new since 0.9 Fr3

  1. Gecko v1.7.12 by Mozilla Corporation.
  2. NoScript extension by Giorgio Maone added by Fred, JujuLand and CaptnBlack. Javascript can now be blocked, allowed with a white list, allowed for all sites, or allowed just for the session. These permission can be put for the site, the entire domain or the domaun. Mozilla menu has been implemented and improved for K-Meleon.
  1. Enabled/Disabled Active X support, for Windows Media Player.Other ClassIDs can be added in defaults/prefs/activex.js, if this is desired, but increase possibly the security risk.
  2. Luamacros and util (0.0.4) k-plugins from mark307 added by JujuLand.
  3. Macros.lua modification (lua macros are now in the folder K-Meleon\Luamacros, in place of each profile folder, this allow not to duplicate lua macros files).
  4. Pop-up bug of 1.7.12 fixed by inclusion of two older files.
  5. New FlashBlock plugin version by kko.
  6. FlashBlock menu entry checked by JujuLand.
  7. New automatic reload macro by kko.
  8. Mimetype editor (since Fr2) .
  9. Umlauts modification by Enaitz Jar.
  10. Accents modification by JujuLand.
  11. IE Shortcut tool by kko and JujuLand.
  12. Possibility to open URL from !K-Meleon with IE, Firefox and Opera by JujuLand.
  13. Audio and Video Playlist menu entries to play audios and videos (URL and text) by JujuLand.
  14. Page Link list macro correction by kko.
  15. Online help, forums and search on english and french sites by JujuLand (Interesting for non english version to have acces to two versions).
  16. Special Wrap view (source viewing, but with the links always clickable) by kko.
  1. 'Boxed Classic' skin of Wechselbag added by JujuLand.
  2. Firefox user string modified (1.5 in place of 1.0.1) by JujuLand.
  3. Amazone music and Amazone book (english and french) by JujuLand.
  4. Npnull32 plugin replaced by npdefpluginpro.
  5. Crash K-plugin added (from Wechselbag) memorizing K-Meleon crash parameters (yes, it's not often, but it can comes) with menu entries to view, send by mail or delete the crashlog file by JujuLand.
  6. A little bug in french menu with fullscreen corrected by JujuLand.
  7. Multi-engine search by Fred and JujuLand.
  8. History Gecko bug blocked, with menu entry to allow it (for Gmaps & Gmail) by Fred.
  9. All the macros asking for a path (mail, news, save, players, browsers) rewritted to allow to browse the disk by JujuLand.
  10. Automatic default initialisation of the paths (mail, news, save, players, browsers) by JujuLand.
  11. Automatic profile rssfeeds configuration by JujuLand.

Not yet included :

  1. AdBlock and macros


K-Meleon 0.9.13-plus8 (February 24th, 2006)

submitted by Fred

The additional features are now also included in the official new 0.9.13 version.

Download here (.exe file) or here (.zip file)

This is a Gecko update of K-Meleon0.9-original-updated-1.7.12-plus8 to Mozilla 1.7.13 Standard (nightly)(Gecko/20060221) with added Adblock and No Script extensions.

Last Changes in plus-8 :

  1. Adblock extension added.
  2. Filterlist preconfigured.
  3. Active X Support can now be disabled/enabled from the browser menu.
  4. Right click context menu for No Script contains now: Allow for javascript for this page for session, Block only for this session, Add and remove from list of allowed pages.
  5. Bugfix can be toggled on/off to allow G-Maps and G-Mail.

and still included are:

  1. No Script for selective javascript permission.
  2. Active X Support for Windows Media Player only.
  3. Mime Types Editor.

Read the readme file.


K-MeleonCCF ME 0.048 (December 12th, 2005)

submitted by Hao Jiang

Download from personal.engin.umich.edu (exe)

  1. Default new theme - Nuvola
  2. Group function added
  3. New luamacro plugin version: 0.1.0
  4. Several new search engin
  5. Fix some UI errors
  6. Fix open bookmark at new tab or open bookmark at background tab
  7. Fix open URL at new tab
  8. Stable seamonkey 1.0a core
  9. New mouse gestures plugin which support drag and drop function


K-MeleonCCF 0.04 B3 (December 14th, 2005)

submitted by Hao Jiang (and Dorian ?)

Download from personal.engin.umich.edu (exe)

  1. Gecko 1.8 Final
  2. New core exe
  3. support downloading to unicode character folder
  4. (possibly) Unicode version
  5. New layer plugin which supports favicon (KMA 1.0)
  6. Firefox 's adblock extension added
  7. Many more fixes


Spanish K-Meleon v0'9 (EJ v1'5) (May 25th, 2006)

submitted by Enaitz Jar

Download from Enaitz Jar's web page or from Rapidshare.

Spanish translated and GRE v1'7'13 updated K-Meleon v0'9'13, with also the following enhancements and differences with official 0'9'13:

  1. Almost fully translated to spanish (including Kmeleon.exe and kplugins)
  2. KKO's experimental reload macro integrated.
  3. Send to Windows Media Player function integrated.
  4. Some minor config changes (as middle button opens link in background layer, autosearch enabled by default or using of the spanish Google).
  5. Java script button and MIME types editor erased
  6. New look by using a modified version of the Klassic skin, new spanish custom icons, and the old fashioned reptilian throbber.


K-Meleon-ME1.7.12-mod-fromCD (January 26th, 2006)

submitted by Fred

Download here (.zip file)

This is a modified 0.9 version updated to Mozilla 1.7.12 Standard, Gecko date 20050915, that can be burned to CD, to be used from a CD drive. It can now be adapted for CD drive letters D, E, F, G, or H. You can also burn several different versions for different CD drives on one CD. Nothing will be written on a computer, that you use, where you have no writing rights. Read the readme-important.txt for instructions of how to proceed. Burn the folder Program Files 3 on a CD.



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