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Submitted by: jsnj


This macro opens all images on a webpage in a centered column. If you're a Yahoo Group subscriber and receive alot of pictures to your Yahoo Mail, this macro will display the thumbnail images quicker than the Zoom Linked Images feature in your Zoom menu.

In Macros:

$macro = "ViewImages"; &JSEnable;
open("javascript:Ai7Mg6P=' ';for (i7M1bQz=0;i7M1bQz<document.images.length;i7M1bQz++){Ai7Mg6P+='<img src='+document.images[i7M1bQz].src+'>
'};if(Ai7Mg6P!=' '){document.write('<center>'+Ai7Mg6P+'</center>');void(document.close())}else{alert('No images!')}"); }

In Menus: (Copy & paste the highlighted text)

Zoom In{
 macros(ZoomInPage, Zoom In Page\tCtrl+Alt++)
 Zoom In Text\tCtrl++ = ID_FONT_INCREASE
 macros(ZoomInImages, Zoom In Images\tAlt++)
 macros(ZoomImageLinks, Zoom Linked Images)
 macros(ViewAllImages, View All Images)

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