K-Meleon 0.9 Beta Bug Page

The following is a list of bugs found in K-Meleon 0.9 Beta.

NEW (unconfirmed)

Feel free to report new bugs here. Make sure to add a title for the bug, a short summary, and a link to mailing list or forum archive where the bug is discussed. Name of the reporter and windows version are also appreciated.

Alt A & Alt O Don't Work for F&avorites and H&otlist if Rebar Enabled (Bug 26)
My guess is that it's because they are not the first letters in the menu name. If specified in the accelerators file they work, but that shouldn't be needed. I'm not sure if this was a known limitation when this fix was introduced for Bug 26. So I'm listing it here in case it's an easy fix.

Bookmarks/Favorites Toolbar Can Cause Instability
If the Bookmark/Favorites toolbar folder is enabled and set to the root directory and the user has a large number of bookmarks/favorites, KM becomes more unstable with each additional layer/window opened. Symptoms include random browser closing, limited number of layers/windows able to be opened. Further details here:

Cookie dialogs without details
I'm getting empty cookie dialogs on some sites (no cookie details will be displayed, all detail-fields remain empty).

  • Add the following to prefs.js (or change the existing values), (re)start K-M:

user_pref("network.cookie.cookieBehavior", 0);

user_pref("network.cookie.lifetimePolicy", 1); user_pref("network.cookie.prefsMigrated", true); user_pref("network.cookie.warnAboutCookies", true);

  • The first cookie dialog will show up with details (make sure details are displayed)
  • Deny it, but don't let K-M apply your decision to further cookie prompts from that site (_? Use my choice ...)
  • The second and/or third dialog won't show details

If I try the same with the bleading test build based on 1.8a5 all three dialogs are displayed with filled details fields. Beta 3 had problems, too, if I remember correctly.

Depending on the site the first dialog can be empty, too, or further ones will show some details, again.

Forced Reload
Since it's creation, all reports have been that it doesn't quite work. The results seem to be no different from a normal reload. Here's the latest report.

Offline Mode Behavior
Hard to summarize: Specific report here:

Page Refresh after page has completed loading
Reported by Ra
Probably more noticeable on slow servers or slow connections:

  • When a page is loading it is drawn at the same time. That's normal and okay.
  • When all bits of the page have finally been transfered K-M refreshes the complete page (just like on a reload, but quicker).
  • MFCEmbed doesn't display this effect.

Problem with Copy and Paste, Select All when using Layers and Full Screen Plugin
Reported by Proxo's Proxy on Windows 98
To reproduce:
Enable "Full Screen"
No "Hide Rebar"
No "Hide StatusBar?"
Yes "Enable at Startup"
Restart K-Meleon
Browse to the K-Meleon forums
Click "General"
Middle-click "any link" to new tab. Click in text box at bottom.
"Paste" should not be available, click on "Select All"
Everything outside the text box gets selected everytime.

Windows 98 using Layers uses up system resources
Reported by ndebord on Windows98 SE
One thing I've noticed is the overhead that using layers imposes on Windows 98se.

System, User and GDI all get gobbled up as the amount of layers open increases. Memory use also goes up, to the point where on occasion, the browser crashes. Also had a system crash too, but can't pinpoint whether that is due to KM or something else.

Went back to windows mode instead, where memory and systems usage seems less.


The testing doesn't stop once a bug is confirmed to be for real. The more understandable a bug is the easier it is to find someone willing to spend time trying to fix it. Help us find out what internal kplugins, external plug-ins, web pages (and what code they use), Windows version, etc., etc that affect the result and how.

OPEN (Non-reproducible)

OPEN (Reproducible)

Close layer button closes wrong layer
Latest report for RC1 here:

Crash with Cookie confirmation dialogs
Enabling cookie confirmation and then going to a site that assigns multiple cookies (e.g. K-Meleon's Forums) causes the browser to crash after 2-3 dialogs.
Status: Appears to be a problem with beta 2 layers plugin

New version of Aggreg8 RSS News Feed Reader included in beta 4.
Crashes reported when middle-clicking.

More specifically, middle-clicking the chrome portions of the layer/window(such as the left-column) causes a crash. Same applies to the javascript console. It doesn't appear to be an Aggreg8 specific problem, but a KM middle-click compatibilty problem with some chrome/xul Mozilla features. Middle-clicking to autoscroll the feed portion of the layer/window in Aggreg8 is fine.

TAKEN (in progress)

You may take any "Open (confirmed)" bug that you think you are able to fix, but never give any bug to someone else. Estimates on when you will be ready is welcome, but not needed.

License.txt minor correcton
License.txt (which is also displayed during install) has this text in line 348 (between GPL and MPL): The Gecko(tm) engine is subject to the Mozilla Public License license :
Resolution: While technically correct, this should be edited to say MPL (Mozilla Public License) license as the current version is confusing. Andrew will provide Ulf with an edited version of the license.

FIXED (unreleased)

--A fix has been reported by the bug owner. Once this fix has been tested and confirmed, it will be incorporated in the next beta. Unless a fix is verified before we go final, it will be removed.-

FIXED (released)

--A fix has been included in the latest beta. Help us verify fixed bugs..-

Button & Menu Sync
Some settings in submenus & toolbars do not show the correct state if the setting has been changed elsewhere(e.g. via preferences UI). *There's still a sync issue in beta 3 with Home Page setting in the prefs UI matching its menu check indicator
Resolution: The fix is in macros. Changes to the Sync macro & its reference moved from the OnStartup macro to the OnLoad macro.

Cache doesn't clear cleanly
Users report that clearing cache sometimes causes files to fail to load cleanly. http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?thread_id=5764683&forum_id=2617
Status: A fix was included in Beta 2. We need to test this thoroughly in the next beta to ensure that it is working correctly.

kmeleon.general.openurl (still buggy)

kmeleon.display.backgroundImage should work again.

Installer doesn't add desktop shortcuts
Reported by Ra on Windows XP SP2
"The installer still doesn't add shortcuts (they should certainly be added to the start menu, perhaps to desktop, perhaps to quick launch - best thing would be to let the user choose where to put them and where not). jsnj said that these will probably be added with the final release.

BTW: Adding them while in beta would allow testers to make sure that they work and that they will be removed upon uninstall."

Main bar menu headers do not display a "depressed button" look when selected using the Accelerator key combinations
Reported by Ra.
Confirmed by Andrew on Windows 2000 SP4.
When you select a Main bar menu headers like "File" or "Tools" using the Accelerator keyboard combinations (Alt+F, etc.), the label "File" does not depress as it does when you select the same menu header with the mouse.

Missing Referer Headers
K-Meleon doesn't send a referer header when using "Open in New Window" as opposed to if the page specifies target="_blank".
Resolution: Referering URL added to OpenLink, OpenLinkInNewWindow, OpenLinkInBackground, ViewImageInNewWindow, OpenFrame, OpenFrameInNewWindow, and OpenFrameInBackground.

New fix for bug 297. MUST TEST ON WIN95/98/NT4!
"Save As" dialog uses the incorrect filename and type

New fix for bug 313 - A Pref to Control Whether URLs Autoload In URL bar history

The old installer is back with a few changes:

  • All pugins are always installed
  • Possible to choose what bookmarking plugins to enable

CLOSED (verified)

These bugs have been tested and confirmed fixed.

Under Tools: Bookmark, Favorites, & Hotlist Options Missing Item if layers plugin disabled
'Open In Current Window' is the missing item.
Resolution: Changes to the menus file.

Under File: Open Last Session menu item is missing
Menus file contains wrong macro name.
Resolution: Changes to the menus file.

Bookmark & Hotlist Groups(Folders w/Nicks) don't open correctly if layer plugin disabled
Group macros script error incorrectly sets the opengroup pref unless a folder group is set to open on startup
Verified fixed with Beta 4

Favorites and Hotlist kplugin are disabled by default
Verified fixed with Beta 4 installer

K-Meleon doesn't report the correct OS in the User Agent string
Verified fixed with RC1

About Windows behavior
"Help -> About Plugins" opens in the same window and "Help -> About K-Meleon" opens in a new window. Behavior should be consistent.
Confirmed by Andrew on Windows 2000 SP4.
Verified fixed with December 2nd beta

about: links to relnotes08.php
Verified fixed with October 18th beta

Arrow Keys Don't Scroll
Up and down arrow keys don't cause the page to scroll properly.
Resolution: Ulf replaced the res/builtin/platformHTMLbindings.xml The resolution offered has corrected the problem.

Cancelling downloads is broken
Reported by Ra on Windows XP SP2
Partially downloaded files are not always deleted on cancel. This applies to user-initiated saves (right-click, save link as..."), It does not apply to server-initiated downloads.
Verified fixed in Beta 4.

Control+C of image can cause K-Meleon to crash
Reported by Kerodo.
Confirmed by Andrew on Windows 2000 SP4.
Right-click on an image and select View Image. Highlight the image and select Control+C. Close the window or layer. K-Meleon crashes.
http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/forum/read.php?f=1&i=19611&t=19611 Verified fixed in Beta 4.

Cut and Copy don't work
You can not use short cut keys to cut/copy text from a web page(frames and non-frames_.
Resolution: Ulf replaced the res/builtin/platformHTMLbindings.xml
Verified fixed with October 18th beta

Double click to close layer
Verified fixed with Beta 4.

Error message displays when viewing image in its own window
This is exactly like bug 347 (marked as fixed).
Verified fixed with October 18th beta

Empty Bookmarks Toolbar
Bookmarks toolbar doesn't display any icons even though toolbar is enabled.
http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/forum/read.php?f=3&i=6149&t=6149 Verified fixed with December 2nd beta

Extra characters displayed in Layers list
Example: http://hch.uwnet.nl/k-meleon/tmp/4.jpg http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/forum/read.php?f=3&i=5938&t=5938

File - Save Problems
When using the Save option under the File menu, one of the options does not appear to work correctly.
Text File - doesn't appear to save as a text file
Resolution: Text File option is now removed for HTML files. Actual text files viewed in the browser can still be saved in the text format with the txt extension.
Verified fixed with the October 18 beta

Find In Page Accelerator must be different from the Find Next Accelerator
Resolution: Ctrl+F will be returned as its accelerator at default.

Flashblock - Updated version
Updated version of Flashblock included in beta 4.
Verified working in Beta 4.

GO Button macro clears clipboard data if there is no selected text on the page
Resolution: Simple change to the SelectGo macro.

Javascript Console clean-up
The JS console includes options that are specific to Mozilla. Jan has a cleaned up version that we should use.
Verified fixed with October 18th beta

k-meleon.exe.manifest is not removed on uninstall
Verified fixed with October 18th beta

Leaking GDI Objects (Security Icon)
Code to enable/disable security icon is causing a memory leak http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/bugs/viewbug.php?bugid=715
The GDI leaks have stopped but the security icon does not always redraw properly. What's now missing is only a redraw of the lower right corner after changing the icon. That problem is listed as a separate bug.
Verified fixed in Beta 3.

Main bar menus don't appear in the correct location when Main bar is not in default position+
Reported by Ra.
Confirmed by Andrew on Windows 2000 SP4.
If you move the Main bar from it's top left default position, the dropdown menus continue to draw at that location (and completely weird ones like bottom left or right, too!) if the Main bar is located elsewhere.
http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/forum/read.php?f=3&i=6149&t=6149 and http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/forum/read.php?f=2&i=3517&t=3517 Verified fixed with December 2nd beta.

Missing "Browse..." text on file upload button
Reported by Brian Bruns.
Confirmed by Andrew on Windows 2000 SP4.
When viewing a page with an form button for uploading a file, the button is missing the text "Browse..." and the button appears squished down in size. Resolution:Missing HtmlForms?.properties file from en-US.jar is cause of missing text. The missing file has been added to the en-US.jar file. An updated Jar file available here:
http://tln.lib.mi.us/~amutch/pro/kmeleon/beta09/en-US-174.jar Verified fixed in Beta 4.

Opening a web-page via CTRL+O opens the file from IE cache
Verified fixed with October 18th beta

Popup windows don't appear at all using Dec 7th build
Reported by iaint on Windows XP SP2
Go to any page which uses links which open popup windows, click the link, popup doesn't appear. This happens regardless of the "block popups" setting in the privacy menu. Test site: http://news.bbc.co.uk/ and click the large "Watch BBC News In Video" link on the top right.
Verified fixed in Beta 4.

Save Page As... Problems -
When using the right-click context menu - Save Page As..., many of the save options don't work correctly.
htm Files - doesn't appear to save anything
Web Page, HTML only - doesn't appear to save anything
Text File - doesn't appear to save anything
Resolution: Text File option is now removed. The other options now work.

Save Page As... Problems
When using the right-click context menu - Save Page As..., many of the save options don't work correctly.
Web Page, Complete - saves correctly
Status: This option only saves the page and not the other files associated with the page (images, CSS, etc.)
Verified fixed in Beta 3

Security Icon doesn't completely repaint
Reported by Ra, Transitman and other users in November 18th beta.
When exiting a secure site, the security icon doesn't completely repaint. Probably related to the GDI leak fix.
Verified Fixed in December 2nd beta

Spelling error in installer
When trying to install K-Meleon over an existing install, there's a typo in the warning message. It states "Are you sure you want to instal K-Meleon..." It should "Are you sure you want to install..."
Verified fixed with October 18th beta

View Source doesn't work with External Command doesn't work in all cases
External view won't open when in Layers-only mode.
Verified fixed in Beta 3.

Known Issue - Will be addressed in Release Notes

Loader is no longer included with K-Meleon
http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?thread_id=5757055&forum_id=2617 Resolution: Will be made available as a separate download

Mozilla-based bugs (Fix dependent upon Mozilla patches)

Dialog Box Spoofing Vulnerability
Potential security issue when using Layers

Malformed HTML document causes crash (Mozilla Security bug)

Malformed HTML document causes crash (Mozilla Security bug) - version 2

2 Frame Injection Vulnerabilities http://secunia.com/multiple_browsers_window_injection_vulnerability_test/

CLOSED (invalid/can't reproduce/won't fix)

about:cache-entry doesn't work
Reported by Kidman.
Confirmed by Andrew on Windows 2000 SP4.
Enter about:cache-entry in the URL bar or follow the link from the about:about page. Nothing appears.
Resolution: (11/30/2004) This doesn't appear to be a bug. This does work when viewing actual cache entries following the links from the about:cache page. There doesn't look like there is an easy way to remove it from the about:about page so we'll just have to educate users about this.

Encoding selection under View - Encoding doesn't indicate selected option
Reported by Kidman.
http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/forum/read.php?f=2&i=3517&t=3517 Resolution: (11/30/2004) "Can't Fix - We have one menu for all windows while the encoding is per browser view. - Ulf"

Exec Program doesn't work on Windows 98
Status: May be an issue with the user-defined path. Waiting to hear back from reporter on results of testing.

Image Loading settings changes mysteriously

Users are reporting that their image loading settings are changing without user intervention.
Status: May be caused by assigned accelerator.
Resolution: Can't reproduce

K-Meleon always offline
K-Meleon always starts in the offline mode. http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/forum/read.php?f=1&i=18381&t=18381 Resolution: Reporter couldn't duplicate problem after re-installing beta in a empty directory. The beta had previously been installed over 0.8.2.

Misaligned menu items
Reported by Ra and Kidman
Confirmed by Andrew of Windows 2000 SP4
"The misalignment issue is bmpmenu plugin related and specific to Win2k? & XP. If that plugin is enabled then macro menu items are aligned differently than plugin and ID Command menu items for some reason. If the bmpmenu plugin is disabled, the misalignment disappears, but then so do all menu icons including bookmark folder and url icons. Win9x? users don't have this problem at all AFAIK." - jsnj Resolution: This is an existing bug. It won't be fixed in this release.

Request for a way to re-enable the context menu icons.
Reported by Ra.
User would like a way to re-enable the display of icons in the context menus.
Resolution: Not a bug. User already knows how to re-enable them.

Missing the rocker gestures known from Opera in the default gestures plugin.
Reported by Ra.
http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/forum/read.php?f=2&i=3517&t=3517 Resolution: (11/30/2004) "Won't Fix - Romain? said there were bugs in it that he wanted to fix before checking it in to CVS. - Ulf"

Request for the return of the WinAmp plugin
Reported by Ra.
http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/forum/read.php?f=2&i=3517&t=3517 Resolution: (11/30/2004) "Won't Fix - Why? It's a web browser not a remote control. - Ulf"

Search box in eBay does not display
User reported that search box in upper right-hand corner of eBay does not display. Could not duplicate this in testing but waiting for user to test again on beta 2 before closing -- user has never been able to reproduce the problem:

Uninstall text could be confusing to end users
Reported by Ra on Windows XP SP2
"Upon *uninstall* I get prompted if I would like to remove the user profiles. The dialog tells me that the user profile contains my personal preferences, *bookmarks* and history.

That's certainly not true for bookmarks if I have chosen an existing bookmarks file on first startup.

I'm not sure if users that saved their bookmarks elsewhere will have some fear that they will be removed there, too?

The same applies for the hotlist, that is not mentioned at all by this dialog (yeah, the plugin is disabled by default, but users may activate it...).

I'm not good at wording things, but here's a try:

"(The user profile contains your personal preferences, history and cookies. It might also contain your bookmarks and/or hotlist if you haven't chosen existing files that are stored somewhere else.)"

One might also want to add: "Favorites won't be touched."" Resolution: (1/6/2005) - Text won't be changed.

Click on History button causes a crash
Reported by clickfish on Windows XP SP2.
May be related to Bug 568

Crash with Free download manager plugin
Reported by lbmixpro on Windows 98.
"I'm using K-Meleon .9beta3 with the Free download manager plugin. Each time K-Meleon tries to invoke the plugin, it coughs up this fault:

Windows 98 Version 4.10.1998 K-MELEON caused an invalid page fault in module KERNEL32.DLL at 0177:bff87eb5."

Save Page As, Save Link As, Save Image As, dialogs don't appear for some Windows 98 users
Right click and choose "save page as" on the following page (wait till the page has finished loading before you try): http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=50543&item=7937534033 Resolution: (1-8-2005) Alain reported that the problem doesn't occur in RC1. Other users report no problems in RC1.


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