K-Meleon 1.7 Development

Latest Builds

K-Meleon 1.7.0a2 Experimental (2010-12-26, Gecko -- Download

K-Meleon 1.7.0a Experimental (2010-05-09, Gecko 1.9.2) -- Download

kmeleonloc Download (Right click, save link as ... )

VS2005 Redistributable -- Download

What's new

  • Something new.

Detailed changelog for K-Meleon 1.7a2:

  • Engine: Mozilla Gecko
  • Updated: features to 1.6.0 Beta2, chrome, preferences, UA strings, ...
  • Fixed: Close/exit crash.


  • Fix viewsource for console2, pending ...
  • Locales, waiting to build a Beta for start translations.
  • Fix about:config context menu


  • Crash when using the scrollbar with the gestures plugin enabled.
  • Bookmarks plugins doesn't yet support alpha transparency, and I don't think it will in this release.
  • Typeaheadfind not working with gecko 1.9.2.
  • Crash when launching using a shortcut without run from folder initialized (XPcom initialization error message).

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