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Building Mozilla

Follow Mozilla's Build Documentation. K-Meleon 1.0 uses the engine from SeaMonkey 1.0.x (1.8.0 branch), but you're welcome to try another project/branch and report the result. Note that if you decide to stick with the 1.8.0 branch, you have to follow the instructions for 1.8.0 (not the trunk), and that you cannot use VC8 (VS 2005).

Warning: you will have to download approximately 50 MB of tools and code.

If you are using Windows 9x, you probably need to give the DOS environment more memory space by running:

command /E:4096

Building K-Meleon

You have to download either a source release or the bleeding-edge version (see KMeleonCVS for the latter).

All you need to do next is build kmeleon.exe and the plugins. This should be straightforward if you use Visual Studio. If you can use the free MSVC toolkit, please report what steps you have to take. Compilation using MinGW is not supported. (You can, however, compile some of the plugins using MinGW; see KPluginsAndGcc.)

If Visual Studio complains that it cannot find a Mozilla header file, go to Project > Settings > C/C+'+ > Preprocessor > Additional include directories (VS 6) or Project > Properties > C/C+'+ > General > Additional Include Directories (VS 2003) and correct the Mozilla directories.

You should also change the output directory, Project > Settings > Link > Output file name (VS 6) or Project > Settings > Linker > General > Output File (VS 2003)

The following is from an old version of this document and has not been checked:

Configure K-Meleon

After you have successfully built K-Meleon, you probably want to try it out. Be warned though, it will miss a few files, and it won't know about your preferences. To run K-Meleon, you need to do the following:

%kmeleon% is the directory of an existing version of K-Meleon (the binary release).

Copy %kmeleon%\components\txmgr.dll to %mozilla%\dist\bin\components

Copy %kmeleon%\nssckbi.dll to %mozilla%\dist\bin

Rename %kmeleon%\chrome\embed.jar to embed.zip, and unpack it.

Rename %mozilla%\dist\bin\chrome\embed.jar to embed.zip, and unpack it.

Copy the unpacked files from %kmeleon%\chrome\embed (or wherever you put them) into %mozilla%\dist\bin\chrome\embed, overwriting the existing stuff.

Zip %mozilla%\dist\bin\chrome\embed to %mozilla%\dist\bin\chrome\embed.zip, and rename it to embed.jar.

Run your K-Meleon build as follows:

k-meleon -profilesDir %kmeleon%\profiles

This will tell the build to use your profile so that you don't lose your settings.

Ok, that should be it. Have fun!


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