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This document covers only the process of building K-Meleon's source code. For documentation on building a complete K-Meleon distribution, see BuildKMeleonDistribution.

Build requirements

  • K-Meleon source code. You can either get the release version from the Download page or get the development code from the revision control system (see KMeleonCVS).
  • Mozilla SDK or compiled Mozilla code.
  • Microsoft Visual C++. Version 7.1 (Visual Studio 2003) is recommended, but you should be able to use version 6 with a few changes to the code. Compilation using MinGW or the free Microsoft Visual C++ toolkit is not supported. (You can, however, compile some of the plugins using these two compilers; see also KPluginsAndGcc.)


All you need to do next is build k-meleon.exe and the plugins. This should be straightforward if you use Visual Studio.

If Visual Studio complains that it cannot find the Mozilla header files, go to Project > Settings > C/C+'+ > Preprocessor > Additional include directories (VS 6) or Project > Properties > C/C+'+ > General > Additional Include Directories (VS 2003) and correct the Mozilla directories.

You should also change the output directory, Project > Settings > Link > Output file name (VS 6) or Project > Settings > Linker > General > Output File (VS 2003).


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