Chacun peut contribuer au projet K-Meleon. Bien que tous les développeurs soient les bienvenus, les non-programmeurs peuvent nous aider de nombreuses manières. Si vous possédez un talent qui n'est pas mentionné ici, faites-le nous savoir et nous trouverons une solution pour que vous nous aidiez. Merci !

Les contributeurs sont conviés et même encouragés à joindre la http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/gfx/gflag-uk2.gif mailing list des développeurs.


  • K-Meleon core: To build K-Meleon you first need to build Mozilla. Make sure you have the right BuildTools, Download the K-Meleon source of a release or the current CVS, and then follow the instructions on how to CompileKMeleon. See the BugTrackingSystem to find bugs that need to be fixed.
  • Plugins: The modular design of K-Meleon makes it possible to extend the browser through internal plugins (kplugins). All current plugins can be built with most any C++ compiler. See the KPluginSpecs, KPluginExample and KPluginsAndGcc pages for details. There are several reports filed in the BTS for the various plugins that need work, or you could create a new plugin of your own.
  • Internationalization: There are still several places where K-Meleon cannot accept all international characters. Although Windows 95/98 offers very poor support, K-Meleon can still be improved in this area.
  • Localization: We need someone to translate K-Meleon. Ideas and sketches exists, but it is a huge job that will take quite a while.


  • Testing: A beta-tester makes sure that the upcoming version of K-meleon works at least as well as the previous version. This beta testing process involves exhaustive tests with all major browser components and writing reports for the developers' mailing list.
  • Bug-Triage: In the BugTrackingSystem we often see the same bugs reported more than once. Such reports should be merged. There are also bugs that no one can reproduce and even reports that no one can understand. If you know the BugReportingGuidelines and are a good technical writer, please help us decipher, combine and comment on bug reports.

Documentation Writers

  • Users's Guide: The K-Meleon Documentation Project? is looking for volunteers to help write the K-Meleon User's Guide and Reference Manual. All contributions large or small are very welcome. When/If the manual is finished it will be offered as a Windows help-file (possibly included in a normal download with the option to install it or not).
  • KMeleonWiki: The KMeleonWiki is a an effort to restructure and rewrite the old static website. The first step is to move the old pages into the new system. Help us do this by fixing typos and language errors. After that, help us restructure the texts and pages into a more logical order. Then, we can work on overhauling the website with new text and content.
  • Foire Aux Questions: La http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/gfx/gflag-uk2.gif FAQ contient les questions les plus fréquemment posées (et leurs réponses !) à propos de K-Meleon. Ces questions sont regroupées de façon logique pour faciliter la recherche des réponses. Si vous visitez régulièrement le Forum, vous savez quelles questions sont posées le plus souvent. Ecrivez une bonne réponse (quitte à créer une nouvelle page si le besoin s'en fait sentir) et indiquez aux personnes la FAQ la prochaine fois que la question apparaîtra sur le forum.
  • Tutorials: Within the KMeleonWiki is a need for new and updated Tutorials, which are short step-by-step instructions on how to perform common tasks. Both easy and advanced tasks are welcome.


  • K-Meleon: Il n'est pour l'instant possible de traduire que les menus de K-Meleon. Tous les messages pourront être traduits lorsque le support des localisations sera terminé.
  • Site web, FAQ, Notes de Publication, etc: Avec le Wiki il est bien plus facile qu'avant de traduire les pages web. Allez voir la page http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/gfx/gflag-uk2.gif TranslatingKMeleonWiki? pour plus d'informations.


  • Skins: K-Meleon is in need of a new fresh and modern look. See TutorialSkinning for information about the graphics needed to create a full skin. Hopefully we will one day see a NewDefaultSkin? for K-Meleon, preferably one that follows Microsoft's current guidelines for Creating Windows Icons. For some examples of the different looks K-Meleon can have, download any of the skins on the KMeleonThemesWiki page. If you are then inspired to create your own skin, submit it to us.
  • Graphismes pour la barre d'outils : de n'importe quelles dimensions, mais au format bitmap.
  • Logo animé : AVI, 60 ko maximum pour être inclus dans la distribution officielle, et en aucun cas plus de 100 ko.
  • Anything else pretty: Any other "K-Meleon inspired" graphics that you want to share with us? See our Resources section for examples of K-Meleon graphics and contact information for sharing graphics.

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