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Submitted by: Trenton - http://geocities.com/boogomatic/

In Macros:

# Disable Style Sheets Macro 
Disable_Style? {
menu="Disable Style Sheets";
open("javascript:(function(){var i,x;for(i=0;x=document.styleSheetsi;++i)x.disabled=true;})();");
Enable_Style? {
menu="Enable Style Sheets";
open("javascript:(function(){var i,x;for(i=0;x=document.styleSheetsi;++i)x.disabled=false;})();");

In Menus:

# Place this in your menu.cfg file where you chose.
# Within the View section is best


User Comments:

Comment from Trenton :

Test it on pages like http://www.csszengarden.com ..or even my page of examples http://www.geocities.com/boogomatic/my_km.html You can really destroy some pages with this macro.


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