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(Tutorial by Brian (bst82551)

1. Start K-Meleon if it's not already started.

2. Open up userContent.css by navigating to either (Edit > Preferences > Configs > userContent.css) or (Tools > Preferences > Configs > userContent.css) depending upon your version of K-Meleon.

3. Copy and paste the following lines into your userContent.css

a:link {TEXT-DECORATION: none !important;}
a:visited {TEXT-DECORATION: none !important;}
a:active {TEXT-DECORATION: none !important;}
a:hover {TEXT-DECORATION: none !important;}

Side Note: if you would like a link to be underlined when it is being hovered over, change "none" in the a:hover part to "underline", when visited, a:visited, when active, a:active, and when just a normal link, a:link

4. Click "OK" and make sure that when asked to save your changes, you click "Yes"

5. Restart K-Meleon. (If you are using the loader, close it and K-Meleon then start it back up)

6. Browse without underlined links!


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