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Submitted by: Johnny Sim-Bravenboer


Download List Generator is a K-Meleon addon-program that can create an incremental download list and save this list to a file. The created download list file then can be imported into most popular download managers.

The program is useful when wanting to download a large number of files from a website but not all links to the files are being displayed on the website, instead only the first and last link are being displayed. This program will create the missing links for you.

Since the program can also be used from the command line, it is possible so "send" an URL to the program from K-Meleon.

You can download the Download List Generator (Windows 2K/XP .NET v1.1) here.

You can download the Download List Generator (Windows 9x) here.

Special note on program versions:

Please note that the Win 9x version will run in all versions of Windows.
(The one for Win 2K/XP just looks a little nicer)

Special note for downloading any of these programs:

The server hosting these programs does not support the use of download managers, so please disable your download manager before downloading!


06-27-05 :
Small bug fix when typing an URL in the "Enter Original URL"-textbox. (Program would not properly update the preview and checkmark when typing or removing numbers).
Added macro for the image right-click menu.

06-20-05 :
Moved the progress bar from the progress dialog to status bar.

06-16-05 :
Both Download List Generator programs have been updated to support drag and drop operations, so now it is possible to drag selected text to the program and drop it inside the 'Enter Original URL' text-box. (for example a URL displayed in the Address Bar)

In Macros:

# Send URL to Download List Generator

    menu = "Send URL to Download List Generator";
    exec("C:\\Program Files\DownListGenerator\DownListGenerator.exe ".$LinkURL);

# Send Selected Text to Download List Generator

    menu = "Send to Download List Generator"
    exec("C:\\Program Files\DownListGenerator\DownListGenerator.exe ".$add);

# Send Page URL to Download List Generator

    menu = "Send Page URL to Download List Generator"
    $oldclip=getclipboard(); setclipboard(); 
    id(ID_SELECT_URL?); id(ID_EDIT_COPY?); $theurl=getclipboard();
    $theurl==""? $theurl=$URL:""; 
    &ResetURL; setclipboard($oldclip);
    exec("C:\\Program Files\DownListGenerator\DownListGenerator.exe ".$theurl);

# Send Image URL to Download List Generator

    menu = "Send Image URL to Download List Generator"
    exec("C:\\Program Files\DownListGenerator\DownListGenerator.exe ".$IMAGEURL);
    &ResetURL; setclipboard($old);

In Menus:


%ifplugin layers
layers(OpenLink, Open in New Layer)
layers(OpenLinkBg, Open in Background Layer)

Open in &New Window = ID_OPEN_LINK_IN_NEW_WINDOW
Open in Back&ground Window = ID_OPEN_LINK_IN_BACKGROUND

bookmarks(AddLink, Bookmark This Link)
favorites(AddLink, Add Link to Favorites)

hotlist(AddLink, Add Link to Hotlist)
%ifplugin macros
macros(SaveLink, Save Link As...)
macros(LinkInfo, View Link URL...)
macros(LinkInIE, View Link In IE)


Save &Link As... = ID_SAVE_LINK_AS

Selected Text{

macros(URL, Go to URL)
macros(EmailText?, Send by Mail)


!Web Search


%ifplugin macros
macros(ZoomInImage?, Zoom In Image)
macros(ZoomOutImage?, Zoom Out Image)
&View Image = ID_VIEW_IMAGE?
%ifplugin macros


macros(SaveImage?, Save Image As...)
macros(EmailImageURL?, Send Image...)
macros(ImageCache?, View Image Info)
macros(ImageInfo?, Image Properties...)
Save &Image As... = ID_SAVE_IMAGE_AS?

View Page{

:View Page Info
macros(URLInIE, View Page In IE)



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