Version specific installation and update instructions are given by the Installation Notes section of the Release Notes for each version as found on the Wiki Download page (different from the sidebar Download link.) The FAQ also has installation instructions for the current release. This page gives an overview with links for the current release version. To install an earlier release, refer to the Release Notes for that version.

  1. Download the desired full K-Meleon package with installer or Service Pack for an upgrade.
  2. Check the System Requirements?
  3. Read the Known Issues/Problems? section in the Release Notes, and Troubleshooting? in the FAQ to identify pre/post-installation actions that may avoid system-specific problems.
  4. Follow the Release Notes instructions? or the FAQ instructions? to install or update K-Meleon.
  5. If desired, enable additional third-party plugins? and/or perform other configuration/customization, as described in the FAQ.

Note for 0.7

During the "Choose Components" section of the installation, there is an "Associate HTML with K-Meleon" option. Use this wisely; K-Meleon currently doesn't have an option to set itself as the default browser after this point.


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