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Tutorial by desga2

How to make K-Meleon Portable.

You can find this old K-Meleon portable versions:

I don't think that a K-Meleon 1.5.x Portable version is needed.
You can convert standard K-Meleon 1.5.x in portable easilly.

  1. Go to K-Meleon Download page and download English (full package) 7zip package without installer, and 7z localization package (locales only) if you like it.
  2. Unzip 7z files in your USB memory device. (first full package, second locales only if you downloaded it)
  3. Download or copy from your computer the needed libraries (msvcp71.dll, msvcr71.dll) to your K-Meleon folder in your USB memory device. (This files are included in K-Meleon with installer versions, you can extract files from installers exe with 7zip)
  4. Create a "profile.ini" file in your USB memory device K-Meleon folder.
  5. Now start K-Meleon from your USB memory device and set Preferences; Cache, History, Cookies.

In cache preferences, uncheck "Cache files on disk" option, and set "Cache files in memory" to 20 or 30 MB, optional: you can uncheck also "cache website icons on disk" option.
In history, set "Keep a list of all pages visited..." option to 0 (zero) days.
Set others privacy options as cookies and remember login data as you like it.

You can deleted setdefault.exe and loader.exe in your USB memory device K-Meleon folder because I don't think they would be needed on portable version.

How to avoid xpcom_core.dll create an empty directory in %appdata% folder.

I founded this old Netscape documentation to hack xpcom.dll and with this documentation and with a bit of reverse engineering that I remembered having used at any other time I can modified K-Meleon's xpcom_core.dll to avoid this empty folder in %appdata% directory.

  1. You need a Hexadecimal editor tool. I used ICY Hexplorer because is GNU, light size and installer only uncompress files (not registry/system entrys).
  2. If you downloaded ICY Hexplorer, I recomended change this options to see better:

Go to View -> Options... menu and change font to "Fixed Roman Large" and colors to "Matrix 3".

You can download from here the modified file resulted: xpcom_core.dll
Note: This xpcom_core.dll file could not be upgraded to the latest version of K-Meleon.

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