Tips for K-Meleon in Linux with the wine emulator.

Adapted unofficial K-Meleon versions

Adapted unofficial K-Meleon versions can be found on the page for unofficial K-Meleons http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/wiki/UKmeleon
or, if lately updated, in the Forum.

  • For K-Meleon-NX-18118 , which has Gecko1.8.1.18 from October 31 2008 ,

use one of the download addresses given in the Forum here :

  • K-Meleon-NX-18118 is particularly apt for Linux, but includes no extensions, because of the non-Xul structure.

Read the notes for earlier NX-versions on the UKmeleon page linked above.


If you are not satisfied with the existing fonts, which mostly will occur with older Wine versions, you can add better fonts either in the folder /usr/share/wine/fonts (sometimes in old versions /usr/local/share/wine/fonts), or in the wine configuration folder $HOME/.wine/drive_c/windows/fonts (where $HOME means the name of your home folder, usually your username). It would be useful to add the Windows fonts Arial, Times and Verdana, as long as there is a licensed Windows in your possession, and you are entitled to use these fonts. You can also try to install and use mscorefonts (msttcorefonts), which should be available from the repository of your Linux distribution, using the distribution's package manager. Possibly you would have to enable the multiverse or universe additional repository of your package manager. These mscorefonts should before all solve the font problems in OpenOffice and in MS Office.


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