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Suggestion 1

Add to the end of each page a RecentChanges and a ListAllPages?. This would make the site easiers to navigate.

  • Adding a link to KMeleonWiki and upper level pages, at the top of each page would help navigation. (see example above)

Suggestion 2

September 14Th 11:00 PM EST. -By-: A)(A
Perhaps we should include a "Benefits of K-Meleon Page" ???

  • Include some browsing exploit Vulnerabilities that do not Ad-Hear to; compared to other browsers that might not keep some pages on so short a leash ?. ;-) :-D

If someone would set this up it would be nice.

  • In conjuntion an Advanced -BugTraq?- script that we could all add benefits? to ?

I think being able to check this would benefit the moral of everyone.

Suggestion 3

2004 Jan 13
It is confusing that the sidebar links, e.g., for Download and Documentation, go to the main kmeleon.sourceforge.net tree while identically named links in Wiki pages (and in the K-M home page) go to the Wiki sub-tree. The 8.1 to 8.2 upgrade, for example, is available from the Wiki download page, but not from the sidebar download link.

Perhaps the current sidebar could be modified to provide a link to the Wiki Welcome page as well, and then a new sidebar utilized for the Wiki pages, with links to the Wiki pages, and to the main Home page as a way of returning to the "legacy" tree.

That would reduce the chance of inadvertently and unknowingly leaving the Wiki pages.

Encoding mess

Wiki pages don't have encoding specified - this is a huge problem for translators. Please set it to UTF-8.

There's a related problem with Wiki links - some non-US characters in link _labels_ cause link to be styled as link to non-existant page, even if linked page does exist.


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