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Submitted by: JamesD


The PgLdSound? macro and associated files will allow the user to hear a sound played when the OnLoad? event happens. The OnLoad? event is triggered when a page completes loading.

Steps to set up PgLdSound? function

Step 1? Create a new folder in your user macro folder and name it “PgLdSound?”. To find your user macro folder do ( Edit –> Configuration –> Profile Directory ) and open the folder called Macros.

Step 2? Copy at least one sound file into the PgLdSound? folder. Windows sound files can usually be found in C:\WINDOWS\MEDIA. Chimes.wav, Ding.wav, and Chord.wav are just three of the files you should find there. Note that only sounds with duration of less than 2 seconds will work with the Sounder.exe program.

Step 3? Download Sounder.exe and place it in the PgLdSound? folder. Sounder.exe is available from http://www.elifulkerson.com/projects/commandline-wav-player.php . Choose “sounder.exe, win32 console application” to download. Your operating system must have the "winmm.dll" in order for Sounder to work. Sounder.exe is a small file (6,656 bytes).

Step 4? Open your User Macro Folder (Edit -> Configuration -> User-Defined Macros) and create the following text file: “PgLdSound?.kmm” from the code below.

Step 5? When K-Meleon is restarted you will find the sound controls in the “Tools” menu. You will need to ( Page Load Sound -> Configure) and select a sound file, then ( Page Load Sound -> ON ).

Open your User Macro Folder (Edit > Configuration > User-Defined Macros) and create the following text file:


#  K-Meleon Macros (http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php?id=MacroLanguage)
# ---------- PgLdSound.kmm
# ---------- K-Meleon Macro Language Play Sound at Page Load ---------------
# Dependencies        : main.kmm winmm.dll
# Resources           : - sound files *.wav and Sounder.exe
# Preferences         : -
# Version             :  0.4   2007-09-16
# --------------------------------------------------------------------------------


$_PgLdSound_Use = getpref( BOOL , "k-meleon_pgldsound_use" );
$_PgLdSound_Choice = getpref( STRING , "k-meleon_pgldsound_choice" );
$_PgLdSound_Use ==true ? exec("\"".getfolder(UserMacroFolder)."\\PgLdSound\\sounder.exe\" ".$_PgLdSound_Choice."") : 0;

# checkmark value for the on menu;
menuchecked=getpref( BOOL , "k-meleon_pgldsound_use" )==true;
# set the userpref k-meleon_pgldsound_use to true;
setpref( BOOL , "k-meleon_pgldsound_use", true );

# checkmark value for the off menu;
menuchecked=getpref( BOOL , "k-meleon_pgldsound_use" )==false;
# set the userpref k-meleon pgldsound_use to false;
setpref( BOOL , "k-meleon_pgldsound_use", false );

#Prompts the user for a file, displaying only the files matching the pattern.
$_PgLdSound_Choice_Path = promptforfile( $_PgLdSound_Path, "Sound Files", "*.wav" );
$_PLS_Length = length($_PgLdSound_Path ); 
setpref( STRING, "k-meleon_pgldsound_choice", substr($_PgLdSound_Choice_Path, $_PLS_Length + 1 ));
&_PgLdSound_ModMenuP ;

$_PgLdSound_Popm = "Page Load Sound";
setmenu($_PgLdSound_Popm,macro,"ON" . " (" .getpref( STRING , "k-meleon_pgldsound_choice" ) ." )",_PgLdSound_Sound_On,0);
setmenu($_PgLdSound_Popm,macro,"Configure ...",_PgLdSound_Configure,3);
#setclipboard("ON" .getpref( STRING , "k-meleon_pgldsound_choice" ));

### sounder.exe is supposed to be located in a subfolder, PgLdSound, of the user macro folder.


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