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by jsnj


Nasa Night Launch is mcdavis941's beautiful theme for Firefox inspired by the night launch of STS-116. Knasa Knight Launch is a slightly darker, less matte version of mcdavis941's great work. Toolbar buttons are spaced closer together and hovering over sets them ablaze in keeping with the rocket fire seen in the throbber and tab loading icon :-). Even though almost all toolbar buttons and icons are taken from the original theme, K-Meleon's look is more dependent on Microsoft Windows components, so a black-based VS(visual style) is needed to complete the overall effect. Many can be found at Deviant Art. Trinium, iQuantum, and TypeZero all work well with Knasa Knight Launch.

Small icon version is included and both versions come with three Main Bar setups:


KnasaKnightLaunch +
Adds a left-click Compact Menu button and a Bookmarks/Favorites/Hotlist menu button to eliminate the need for the Main Menu bar.

KnasaKnightLaunch -
The Compact Menu button & the navigation buttons only.

For all versions & setups, right-clicking the Stop button's ' X ' gives quick access to the Privacy menu's Block, Clear & Kill features.

For a full screenshot, click here

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