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K-Meleon Macro Library

Here you'll find user submitted macro modules which showcase the features and possibilities of K-Meleon with the Macro Extension Plugin. To get a better understanding of the macro language, check out the Macro Language page or kko's Macro Reference. Macros for versions of K-Meleon prior to 1.1 can be found in the old Macro Library.

In order to install a macro module, open Edit > Configuration > User-Defined Macros and create a new text file for the module you want to install. Copy the macro's code from the Wiki and paste it into this file. Save your changes, close your editor and rename the file according to the provided information (the file extension must be 'kmm'). The new module will be loaded when you've restarted K-Meleon. Installed macro modules can be enabled and disabled individually in the Macro Extension section of the Advanced Preferences panel.

To submit your own module, click EditThisPage and add the link to your page to the list below. Please use a valid WikiWord for the name of your page with 'Kmm' as a prefix. For your convenience, you can use the Macro Submission Template as a guide to create your macro page by copy & pasting its contents into yours and then filling it out with your macro information.

In order to ensure that K-Meleon users have a Plug'n'Play experience rather than a Plug'n'Pray feeling, please make sure that your macro modules are following our Macro Coding Guidelines before submitting them.



  • Shortcut 2006-11-27 - Send URLs to your desktop as Internet Shortcut (*.url).
  • SpeedUp 2007-06-28 - Tune K-Meleon's pageload performance.
  • FavRenAdd 2007-08-20 - Rename Internet Shortcuts (*.url) to Favorites.
  • PgLdSound 2007-09-18 - Audible notification of page load completion.
  • AutoFill 2007-10-20 - Enable you to automatically fill with a text the text boxes.
  • ResProfile 2007-12-15 - Copy user's profile to an alternate location.
  • Auto Image Resize 2007-12-29 - Toggle the automatic resizing of large images.
  • Slideshow Generator 2007-12-30 - Create an instant slideshow.
  • BookmarksFile 2008-01-13 - Open your bookmarks file in a page.
  • Clear Last Session 2008-01-27 - Clear your last session at start.
  • Clone Layers 2008-01-27 - Clone your current layer.
  • Open All Links 2008-04-16 - Instantly open every link on a page.
  • Layer URLs Copier 2008-04-21 Copy layer URLs in clipboard.
  • Only Video 2008-04-27 Played Youtube videos without Javascript.

Web Services

  • GReader 2008-05-06 - Macros for Google Reader.
  • Evernote 2008-04-29 - Clip a web page to Evernote.
  • Readbag 2008-04-24 - Add a bookmark to Readbag.
  • TinyURL 2008-04-23 - Shorten the URL of a page or link using TinyURL.
  • Tweetburner 2008-04-15 - Shorten the URL of a page or link using Tweetburner.
  • Snipr 2008-04-08 - Shorten the URL of a page or link using Snipr.
  • GBookmarks 2008-03-28 - Bookmark a page in Google Bookmarks.
  • Profilactic 2008-03-26 - Share a link on Profilactic.
  • FriendFeed 2008-03-26 - Share a link on FriendFeed.
  • Coralize 2008-03-20 - Fetch page or link through CoralCDN.
  • Sproose 2008-03-13 - Vote for websites and run web searches in Sproose.
  • urlTea 2008-03-13 - Shorten the URL of a page or link using urlTea.
  • GoogleCache 2008-03-13 - View Google Cache copy of page or link.
  • Delicious 2008-03-12 - Post bookmarks to del.icio.us.
  • BugMeNot 2007-06-19 - Bypass compulsory registration using bugmenot.com.
  • KeepVid 2007-06-19 - Save Flash Movies to disk using keepvid.com.
  • VideoDownloader 2008-01-21 - Save Flash Movies to disk using videodownloader.net.
  • Kissyoutube 2008-04-27 - Youtube videos played without Javascript.
  • W3C 2007-06-19 - Validate web pages using the W3C's tools.
  • WHOIS 2007-06-19 - Find out more about domains you're visiting.

Third Party Programs


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