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Mozilla bugs vs K-Meleon bugs

Take a look at the files in a normal install of K-Meleon. There is one kmeleon.exe and a few dll's in the kplugins directory; That's K-Meleon! The rest (more or less) is Mozilla/Gecko/GRE. And about 50% of what's inside the kmeleon.exe is code "borrowed" from mfcEmded.exe (the official test application for embedding Mozilla on Windows).

K-Meleon is a native Windows user interface on top of Gecko. We don't do any networking, caching, rendering, javascript, etc.. Only the user interface (and reading/writing bookmarks, and maybe some more:)

All bugs that might be dependent on Mozilla/Gecko components ought to be tested against mfcEmbed before reported to K-Meleon BTS. Things that work in mfcEmbed but not in K-Meleon are our fault. Things that doesn't work in Mozilla are clearly Mozilla bugs, and things that work in Mozilla but not in mfcEmbed are bugs with the embedding of Gecko.

As a rule of thumb:

  • K-Meleon bugs are only reported to the K-Meleon BugTrackingSystem.
  • Mozilla bugs are only reported to Mozilla's bugzilla database.
  • Gecko bugs that only affect embedded applications (i.e. K-Meleon and mfcEmbed, but neither Mozilla nor Firebird) should be reported twice; First to bugzilla and then to our BTS. Use the phrase "bugzilla bug xxx" somewhere in your K-Meleon bug report (where xxx is the bugzilla bug number you found/got).

The latest mfcEmbed that uses the same Mozilla base as K-Meleon 0.8 seems to be from October 7: http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/mozilla/nightly/2003-10-07-16-1.5/embed-win32.zip

There are several bugs marked as Mozilla Bug, but without a link to a bug in bugzilla. We need help finding/filing bugzilla bugs as well as finding bugs reported in K-Meleon that depend on Mozilla features.


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