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2006-01-08: K-Meleon 1.0 was released, based on Mozilla codebase. It includes numerous important updates. Currently available in english and in german, spanish and french version will be released soon.

2006-04-25: K-Meleon 0.9.13 is released! It is based on the Mozilla 1.7.13 codebase. This release is for security reasons.

2006-01-10: K-Meleon 0.9.12 is released! Based on the Mozilla 1.7.12 codebase, 0.9.12 is a standard 0.9 build with improvements concerning security.

2005-12-13: Unofficial K-Meleon versions.Unofficial K-Meleon versions. A page where you can find links for unofficial versions of K-Meleon. The list will be often updated. Warning: no guarantees about these versions.

2005-02-13: SetDefault. An updated version of the tool included in K-Meleon v0.9's installation package. For those who've installed more than one version of KM on your PC, this update allows you to choose which one to set as the default browser.

2005-01-18: K-Meleon 0.9 is released! Based on the Mozilla 1.7.5 codebase, 0.9 includes many new features and an even better browsing experience!

2004-01-02: Some tools for K-Meleon. (More properly, External Applications - not tools for developers).

2003-12-23: K-Meleon 0.8.2 released.

2003-09-08: KMeleonWiki, an ErfurtWiki system, has been installed on the home page. You are invited to help update the information in the Wiki. Add/rewrite/delete as you find appropriate.

2003-09-04: The K-Meleon Documentation Project is now a separate project hosted at BerliOS. Please visit http://kmeleon-doc.berlios.de and help us write an up-to-date User's Guide and Reference Manual for K-Meleon.

2002-11-03: The K-Meleon Documentation Project needs volunteers to help write the K-Meleon User's Guide and Reference Manual. All contributions large or small are very welcome.


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