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(Tutorial by Brian (bst82551))

Protecting Your Privacy

There are many different measures people use to protect their privacy on the internet including blocking cookies and images, making sure passwords are not remembered, disabling flash, java, and javascript, and clearing all traces of any websites they've been to.

Blocking Cookies, Images, and Popups.

1. Navigate to (Edit > Preferences > Privacy). You'll see several options. Blocking cookies will protect your privacy in many ways, as these are the main way of keeping up with all of your information on the internet. Refer to the third definition of a cookie for more information. There are cookies that track the websites you visit, so I recommend either keeping track of your cookies if you have that much time on your hands or disabling them if you are concerned about your privacy.

2. Blocking images usually does nothing but make browsing difficult. There are cases, however, that blocking certain images would help rid you of some privacy concerns. A lot of spammers use images to see if you actually opened the e-mail up. If you did, they will most likely continue to send you spam. If not.. well... you know. Blocking images also means that most of the banner ads you see will be gone. I'd recommend setting it to "accept site images", but this decision is best left up to you.

3. Popups are often the cause of these tracking cookies. They can load lots of nasties that you don't want on your computer. I'd recommend blocking them as this will enhance your privacy and your overall browsing experience.

Disabling Password Memorization

4. If you share K-Meleon with someone else and have not set it up to use different profiles, you may not want K-Meleon remembering passwords for you. You can disable this very easy by going to (Edit > Preferences > General) and unchecking "Remember Passwords".

Disabling Flash, Java, and JavaScript

5. To disable flash, you can install flashblock.

6. To disable Java and Javascript, go to (Edit > Preferences > General) and uncheck "Enable Java" and "Enable JavaScript".

Clearing All Traces of Everything in K-Meleon

7. K-Meleon 0.9 comes with a Privacy plug-in. This plug-in can clear the Cookies, Disk Cache, History, URL Bar History, and Saved Passwords on Startup and/or Shutdown of K-Meleon. Navigate to (Tools > Privacy > Settings) and check everything you'd like to be cleared and when you'd like it to be cleared.

8. You can also do this manually by going to (Tools > Privacy) and selecting Clear [what you would like to be cleared].

Extra Info:

You can improve your privacy even more by using an anonymous proxy.


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