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K-Meleon's Profile Location

Since version 1.0, K-Meleon is storing its profiles in your Application Data (%AppData%) directory by default. This is to ensure that K-Meleon has the necessary privileges to write to its profile directory on modern NT-based Windows operating systems (NT/2000/XP/Vista) which are the most common today. The location of the %AppData% directory depends on your specific Windows version. In case of doubt, you can always open your current profile directory from out of K-Meleon (choose Edit > Configuration > Profile Directory).

To set a different location for your profiles, you have the following possibilities:

Set the profile location through a profile.ini file

When installing K-Meleon using the setup program, you are given the possibility to locate your profiles in the K-Meleon installation directory (which is the classic behavior) instead of the %AppData% directory. When you are asked to select the components to install, simply uncheck the option "Multi-user Profiles". The setup program will then create a file called profile.ini (which is a simple text file) in your K-Meleon installation directory (where k-meleon.exe resides). By default, profile.ini has the following contents (an empty profile.ini has the same effect):


The value of the variable path specifies the location of the folder which contains your profiles. If the variable isRelative is set to 1, the value of path is taken relative to the K-Meleon installation directory. In the above case, your profiles will be located in subfolder Profiles of the K-Meleon installation directory. Otherwise, if isRelative is set to 0, the value of path must be a fully qualified path. Data Recovery Illinois

Set the profile location through the -profilesDir command line switch

This switch overrides profile.ini. See command line options.


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