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All themes ported by Rapido
Comments by Al.


internal://e022783c648aceb516be079dd09966f4.png (Apr. 27th '04) Download 4angel
Another quirky, off-beat Rapido Replica theme. What more can be said really.

Get Media

internal://59266414c04f49abae2c5215430c81a1.png (Apr. 12th 2004) Download Get Media
With a bright red background like this one, this theme will probably make you want to Get Sunglasses instead.

Jurassic Park

internal://b2b30bc9e3ab8b86323f516c2822bd6d.png (Apr. 12th 2004) Download Jurassic Park
A theme based upon the movie which is based upon the best selling book, Billy and the Clonosaurus!


internal://325ad1875a4e0fc2ba44bb131cfcf79f.png (Apr. 12th 2004) Download Keyboard
Oh damn, I just spilt coffee on mine!

KM-Betty Boop

internal://effd56078e3f851a68731760345d5b26.png (Apr. 27th '04) Download KM-Betty
A theme which is based upon the old cartoon character Betty Boop! Personally I don't see the resemblance though, do you?


internal://d910963e11dc50afbb154ca2ba4ff6f5.png (Apr. 27th '04) Download KM-Eyore
Escapist theme fun featuring the Pooh Bear character Eyore.

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