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All themes ported by Rapido
Comments by Al.

KM-Pink Panther

internal://70f36accd8b5168cf67df3455fae0ed4.png (Apr. 27th '04) Download KM-PinkPanther
Fans of the bumbling Inspector Clouseau will be enthralled by this theme which is a tribute to the classic Pink Panther movies.

KM-Wild Browzer

internal://dcf7daf130639aa2b25eb74377f1ced6.png (Apr. 27th '04) Download KM-WildBrowzer
It's wild baby, wild!

Neo Circus

internal://6e854c14036695cda59736866948e7c8.png (Apr. 12th 2004) Download Neo Circus
What's the difference between a sorority and a circus? A circus is a cunning array of stunts.

Netscape 0.93

internal://aef37bd90518d7d6d1ee922c523446aa.png (Apr. 28th '04) Download Netscape093
Relive the glory days of Netscape with this theme which is modelled after the early versions of Netscape Navigator. Totally retro.


internal://7df5c3ff95a17fd6d0e68b329a451f68.png (Apr. 27th '04) Download Netscape6
An almost perfect replica of the Netscape v6 theme which was default at the time.


internal://78c924f63653e3517fa5bbb2d0b7aee5.png (Apr. 14th 2004) Download Polymer
An original theme creation fresh from Rapido's Workshop. Could even be a contender for the default theme of K-Meleon!


internal://d426ed24e7db29c787e02cade4e5e67b.png (Apr. 14th 2004) Download RMacU
Rapido has done it again with a theme which is easy on the eye and groovy on your computer.


internal://5d69119bd1721ed55e7756f9e9c4ade1.png (Apr. 12th 2004) Download Tripod
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internal://6b046aa4adccc13f50207af478a36d1d.png (Apr. 12th 2004) Download Tripwired
Tho the leprechauns now all wear green,
And songs to St. Pat you can hear...
It's not the shamrocks,
Or wearing green socks...
'tis cuz Pat invented green beer!

TV Guide

internal://aceaaca2bd97a8de4b73730aad901c19.png (Apr. 12th 2004) Download TV Guide
The top ten reasons why the television is better than the World Wide Web:
10. It doesn't take minutes to build the picture when you change TV channels.
9. When was the last time you tuned in to "Melrose Place" and got a "Error 404" message?
8. There are fewer grating color schemes on TV--even on MTV.
7. The family never argues over which Web site to visit this evening.
6. A remote control has fewer buttons than a keyboard.
5. Even the worst TV shows never excuse themselves with an "Under Construction" sign.
4. Seinfeld never slows down when a lot of people tune in.
3. You just can't find those cool Health Rider infomercials on the Web.
2. Set-top boxes don't beep and whine when you hook up to HBO.
1. You can't surf the Web from a couch with a beer in one hand and Doritos in the other.

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