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The available resource are grouped into different categories depending of what you want to do.

Learn more about K-Meleon

The best source for K-Meleon information is the Documentation section in our KMeleonWiki. There is also the (dated) User's Guide and Reference Manual. Among the external K-Meleon resource you can find some links to other general K-Meleon pages?.

Change the graphical icons in K-Meleon

The skinning tutorial shows you have to install a new skin that you have downloaded from the KMeleonThemesWiki. You can also download (older) Skins? and help update them to full themes. Extra Throbbers? can be downloaded and used together with any skin or theme. The external K-Meleon resource page have some more links to skins and themes pages?. To customize your Windows desktop or personal web page there are also a list of Icons, Buttons, and Banners for K-Meleon.

Translate K-Meleon

You can download translated versions of the K-Meleon menus from our Localization resource section. That is also the place where you should find links and pointers to help you localize the Mozilla part of K-Meleon.

Customize the menus, accelerator keys and available toolbar buttons

This information is kept in the ConfigFiles. You can easily edit these files through the PreferenceDialog?, but you must really know what you are doing or things can be badly messed up.. Detailed information on how each of these files can be altered.. is not available?

Customize the behaviour of K-Meleon

A lot of K-Meleon's behaviour can be altered through the PreferenceDialog?. Even more can be altered by editing the PrefsJS?, UserJS, UserChromeCSS? or UserContentCSS? files directly. These files are read by the Mozilla/Gecko rendering engine, further information is available by reading Mozilla documents.

Extend K-Meleon with Macros

K-Meleon has a small MacroLanguage that allows you to extend K-Meleon's functionality. A set of ready made macro snippets are to be found in the Macro Library.

Extend K-Meleon with third-party plug-ins

K-Meleon uses the same plug-in architecture as Netscape/Mozilla to interact with ThirdPartyPlugins. Extended information is available at mozdev.org - plugindoc.

Use third-party applications to improve over K-Meleon

You can, for instance, install and use an ExternalBookmarkManager? or an ExternalCookieManager? together with K-Meleon. Or you can use an ExternalMouseGestures? program.

Create a new skin for K-Meleon

The skinning tutorial shows you what files you can use to make K-Meleon look exactly the way you want. To create a whole new skin you need GraphicalTools? such as ...

If the licence allow you to, you can also try to adopt a Mozilla theme, Mozilla Firebird theme or Opera skin.

Help develop K-Meleon

To help develop K-Meleon you need to get your BuildTools and read some of the DeveloperDocs.

Web-development with/for K-Meleon

K-Meleon uses Gecko, the rendering engine from Mozilla.org, and should be detected as such. Never ever try to detect K-Meleon to "work around" bugs we have. You could use K-Meleon to see how Gecko handles your pages (not how K-Meleon handles your pages; that's not important) Gecko aims to be fully standards compliant. If K-Meleon fails to follow the standards due to limitations in Gecko (on thus also visible in Mozilla and/or mfcEmbed) you should report your findings to bugzilla. When K-Meleon is the only browser with problems it should be reported to our bug database. Write standards complaint pages and let us know if we fail to handle them correctly. That's all.


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