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Note: All themes originally ported by Eyes-Only and maintained by Al. internal://4701fcced4ca3a7e5a1a38e8afa40e31.gif


(Feb. 29th '04) Download KMBeOS for K-Meleon v0.8
(Updated Dec. 6th '04) Download KMBeOS for K-Meleon v0.9
This colorful theme is Eyes-Only's tribute to the alternative operating system BeOS v5.


(Apr. 14th 2004) Download KM Nautipolis for K-Meleon v0.8
(Updated Dec. 5th '04) Download KM Nautipolis for K-Meleon v0.9
Newbie friendly version of Eyes-Only's latest theme port, which is based upon Alfred Kayser's Nautipolis theme for Mozilla.
KMWalnut (same theme with Walnut background instead) can be downloaded for K-Meleon v0.8 here and for K-Meleon v0.9 here.

French language version of KM-Nautipolis for K-Meleon v0.9-Fr courtesy of Eyes-Only can be downloaded here and the French language version of KM-Walnut for K-Meleon v0.9-Fr can be downloaded from here.

Netscape Modern

(Jan. 4th '04) Download Netscape Modern for K-Meleon v0.8
(Updated Dec. 8th '04) Download Netscape Modern for K-Meleon v0.9
If you yearn for the good old days when Netscape ruled the browser market, then grab yourself a copy of this retro styled theme based upon the look of Netscape Navigator v4.

(v0.9) French language version of Netscape Modern courtesy of Eyes-Only can be downloaded here.


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