Windows Media Player Plugin for Netscape

The plugin you need to install is in the file wmpplugin.exe. That file can be downloaded from


Note: this plugin only works for Windows 95, 98 and 2000. Windows XP users should set the file to be treated as a Windows 98 file, or else upgrade to a newer version of Windows Media Player, or an alternative media player.

In the case of no Netscape installed, the installation copies the required tiles into the directory C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player[Data Recovery Services | http://www.platinumdatarecovery.com] If the files are not in that folder, try to search for the following from anywhere on your hard disk. The files that should be copied to the K-Meleon plugins directory are: Resources: Data Recovery Reviews

  • npwmsdrm.dll
  • npdsplay.dll
  • npds.zip

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