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H.264/MP4 codec on Windows XP & K-Meleon 76 RC2
Posted by: IzayoiFlandre
Date: November 18, 2017 11:41AM


I noticed on some sites the videos don't play without Flash installed, I would rather keep that garbage off my operating system, so how would I go about adding MP4 codecs to K-Meleon 76 RC2 on Windows XP? I already have K-Lite Mega Codec Pack which contains a H.264 codec (can't remember where from), but it still doesn't play...

Thanks for help !

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Re: H.264/MP4 codec on Windows XP & K-Meleon 76 RC2
Posted by: siria
Date: December 26, 2017 06:56PM

No idea if this helps your specific prob, but for the current Goanna test builds roytam has posted some special LAV codecs:,143253

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Re: H.264/MP4 codec on Windows XP & K-Meleon 76 RC2
Posted by: smallhagrid
Date: February 03, 2018 02:45AM

Another classic PC user here with a preference for XP SP2...and K-Meleon 75 Pro.
(For me, XP-SP3 and/or changing the kernel for Goanna are undesirable options.)

So=> Some videos play - and some don't.

Ran across mention of the Open H.264 codec just lately and that it is included in FF, but see no way to get it or install it...wondering if that or something like it may be made somehow to work in KM with my existing system ??

Aside of the above curiosity - browsed all around here looking for what may work for folks like myself and collected some tidbits - which became too messy for me to quote for attribution after a while - but all the same, my sincerest thanks to those who originally posted all this possibly helpful & useful info:

Test for YT compatibility page:

A related post here:,144552
Another related post at another forum, entitled 'Updated software XP compatible':

J.G. posted the following - but maybe only for Goanna & not OK for KM 75 ??:
1. Alternative 1: lite dlls with no hardware requirement, compatible for all CPU.
-- If you are not sure which filter to choose, read above comment by @hermes. *
2. Alternative 2: lite dlls slighty faster for MMX-CPU, needs MMX, no SSE/SSE2 requirement.
3. Alternative 3: slighty faster for SSE-CPU, needs SSE, no SSE2 requirement.
4. Alternative 4: video decoder FFMPEG libraries, slighty faster for SSE2-CPU, needs SSE2.
(Source for above is someplace around here:,144552 )

Useful tools for testing:

Possible alternative browsers...
TheWorld Browser - looks to have stopped in 2010:

Iceweasel with libportable

KM is mentioned as a good alternative almost everywhere when the subject is brought up, BTW.

Here is a write-up that makes all my points about chrome despite how it seems written to favour it - just look at the extensive list of 'cons'!!:

Last ditch possibility if nothing else works for YT videos ??:
SMPlayer Portable

Along with:
SMTube - YouTube browser for SMPlayer

There. That is all I have for now, and I will keep looking for good solutions...
That is - until such time as all options within my preferred reach actually do run out.

Of course by then I will likely be OK with having to use XP even less - and Linux even more than I do now, and perhaps even have a better way to get Android onto the big screen as well.

Best Wishes to All !!

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Re: H.264/MP4 codec on Windows XP & K-Meleon 76 RC2
Posted by: guenter
Date: February 03, 2018 06:03AM

In some XP systems the things recommended for Firefox in their Forum do not work.
Sorry to say.

I was among them and that means that neither Firefox nor K-Meleon 76 b or earlier played all music on my system. Among the sites affected twitter and one of my favorite news. Plus some more odd videos at Youtube. Sorry Your browser cannot.

Hard to accept since I normally can make things work as soon as I find out how.

roytams1 versions come reconfigured to do what is needed on my system.

roytam1's test version,143253 - is my current fad.

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