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Bug 618 Drag links to another open Kmeleon
Posted by: Xiadix
Date: January 13, 2004 11:59AM

When you drag a link and drop it into another open K-Meleon window it errors out. One of three things happens:

1: nothing

2: opens the link with the text of the link added to the end. A good example of this is K-Meleons own bug database. When you find a bug, drag it's link to an open window and drop it, it attempts to open it as:
it opens it as:

3: If the link is from a thumbnail picture, it tries to open the thumbnail from cache and errors. If it is dropped on the same K-Meleon window, it opens just the thumb from cache.

I noticed this behavior with the 8 versions. It continues to work properly with 7x versions.

Yes, some of us will attempt to open a link by dropping it in a different window. Sometimes we will also attempt to open a link within the same window by dropping it back onto the page to avoid opening a new window, or to bypass frames. This will also happen if you move your mouse a little while clicking a link


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