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Submitted by: Johnny Sim-Bravenboer

This macro requires an external application which is not part of the K-Meleon project. Use at your own risk.



Updated the macro to work with K-Meleon version 1.02!!

ClipTex is a simple plain text editor that reads the Windows clipboard at start-up. So when wanting to save plain text to a text file, there is no need to paste after opening the program, as the pasting is done automatically. The text can then be saved to a plain-text file.

In addition, any customizations, such as font type and size, are saved automatically upon closing the program.

You can download ClipTex here.

Current Version:

09-28-06 ClipTex v0.

  • Further enhanced the split-screen editing
  • Added options to integrate the ClipTex working folder with

- Internet Explorer
- Download Express
- NetXfer

  • Updated the help file
  • Bug fixes

In Macros:

  menu = "Send to ClipTex";
  exec("C:\\Program Files\\ClipTex\\ClipTex.exe");

In Menus:

Selected Te&xt{
 :&Translate From
 macros(OpenText,&Open As URL)
 macros(EmailText,Sen&d By Mail...)

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