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K-Meleon Macro Library

Here you'll find user submitted macro modules which showcase the features and possibilities of K-Meleon with the Macro Extension Plugin. To get a better understanding of the macro language, check out the Macro Language page or kko's Macro Reference. Macros for versions of K-Meleon prior to 1.1 can be found in the old Macro Library.

In order to install a macro module, open Edit > Configuration > User-Defined Macros and create a new text file for the module you want to install. Copy the macro's code from the Wiki and paste it into this file. Save your changes, close your editor and rename the file according to the provided information (the file extension must be 'kmm'). The new module will be loaded when you've restarted K-Meleon. Installed macro modules can be enabled and disabled individually in Edit > Preferences > Macro Extension.*. More macros and extensions can be found at Extensions & Add-ons resources.

To submit your own module, click EditThisPage and add the link to your page to the list below. Please use a valid WikiWord for the name of your page with 'Kmm' as a prefix. For your convenience, you can use the Macro Submission Template as a guide to create your macro page by copy & pasting its contents into yours and then filling it out with your macro information.

In order to ensure that K-Meleon users have a Plug'n'Play experience rather than a Plug'n'Pray feeling, please make sure that your macro modules are following our Macro Coding Guidelines before submitting them.


This library page has not been updated anymore since many years.
Reason is, there were far too many new macros since 2010 to be all added here.
And even in earlier years this list was not complete.


They are mainly found in the FORUM.
It has a Search function, by default restricted to 30 days. Search for all dates _here_
Not all are in the Extensions subforum, some are in other parts (created at user request)
Until awhile back new macros and other extensions were also collected on KMEXT
Find more info on the Resources page (chapter macros/extensions)



  • Favinia (Favorites macro) 2015-03-11 - Complex macro to add Favorites with the native IE input or a universal mode, can also be outside the systems fix Favorites folder (portable), send a shortcut to Desktop, and other gimmicks.
  • javascriptia v3 Upd. 2014-02-28 - A Bookmarklet too long (max 255 char.)? If max. 32kB, save it to disk. Inject javascripts / userscripts from your harddisk like a bookmarklet, despite linebreaks. Add notes and test code, everything before a line "javascript:" is ignored.
  • LinkToggle 2011-05-15 - Toggle a link to select a part of its name, to copy it or send it to current search engine, dictionary etc. With automatic link restore.
  • SaveToFolder 2011-05-14 - Save a page, image or link-target into the last used "Save As..." folder, just drop it there without asking anything
  • F_mgr 2011-03-21 -~Provides links to manage Flash player settings and Flash cookies.
  • PriorTabs 2010-10-06 -PriorTabs provides an undo function for closed tabs.
  • Readable 2010-09-11 - Transforms text on any website using fonts, colors, and layouts of your choosing.
  • Tab All Windows 2010-09-06 - Along with popup windows, links meant to open a new window and URLs passed from external applications, opens all non-modal & non-kplugin K-Meleon generated windows in tabs.
  • Disable CSS 2010-09-02 - Disable all CSS styles in current page.
  • OnLoadCheck 2010-08-31 - Check or toggle your automatic macro actions.
  • Font Toggler 2010-08-21 - Allows you to switch between viewing a webpage with your font customizations and the webpage author's specified fonts.
  • Grp_M_Search 2010-08-19 - Groups MultiSearch allows a user to maintain more than one group of search engines for MultiSearch and swap between them easily.
  • OpenSplit 2010-06-01 - Split screen in 2 frames, same or diff. pages. Own menu.
  • TitlesCustom 2010-04-19 - Shorten or replace parts of titles, if a predefined text is contained. Helpful for tab bar, e.g. on youtube.
  • Feed Subscribe 2010-03-12 - Detect and subscribe to ATOM / RSS / XML feeds.
  • FullScreen2plus v2.0: 2010-02-12 - More full screen modes, or just hide title bar
  • ExitTranslation 2010-02-05 - Escape from Google Translations, babelfish, or many other redirected URLs (not just translations). Or convert %-code in URL.
  • UserAgent2 2010-02-04 - Change also vendor name, acc. to User Agent
  • Style Buttons 2009-12-17 - Modify page style mostly for readability, hide background, highlight links or (most) missing images. Each style optional toolbar button. Incl. editor (SciTE) with syntax highlighting to easier edit own styles
  • Readability 2009-11-02 - Enables reading text on a page in an uncluttered style.
  • Search+ (source) 2009-07-27 - Adds additional features to K-Meleon's search function: search engine icons, site search, previous searches, keywords, etc...
  • OpenLinksAsTabs 2009-02-26 -Open in tabs all links in page
  • KmBBcode 2009-01-25 -Add BBcode elements (like smileys) to K-Meleon menus.
  • Groups2 2009-01-11 -Add limited groups function to K-Meleon ver 1.5.x
  • ChmView 2009-01-11 -Decode and view a chm file in K-Meleon
  • Training 2008-12-24 -Explanations and demos for Macro Language.
  • SearchIcon 2008-12-17 - Display icon for the general search engine.
  • PrivateTitle 2008-12-04 - Displays alternate title for pages after loading.
  • LoadTime 2008-11-05 - Display the elasped time for a page to load.
  • PageTimer 2008-11-05 - Set timer/reminders for pages/tabs.
  • FileAllTabs 2008-09-21 - Open "Save Page As" for all tabs in a window.
  • SearchH 2008-06-21 - Display previous web searches from history.
  • Open As URL In New 2008-05-11 - Macro to open selected text as URL in new tab. Is now included by default.
  • Layer URLs Copier 2008-04-21 - Copy layer URLs in clipboard (PS: Layers are obsolete now)
  • Open All Links 2008-04-16 - Instantly open every link on a page.
  • Clone Layers 2008-01-27 - Clone your current layer (PS: Layers are obsolete now)
  • Clear Last Session 2008-01-27 - Clear your last session at start.
  • BookmarksFile 2008-01-13 - Open your bookmarks file in a page.
  • Slideshow Generator 2007-12-30 - Create an instant slideshow.
  • Auto Image Resize 2007-12-29 - Toggle the automatic resizing of large images.
  • ResProfile 2007-12-15 - Copy user's profile to an alternate location.
  • AutoFill 2007-10-20 - Enable you to automatically fill with a text the text boxes.
  • PgLdSound 2007-09-18 - Audible notification of page load completion.
  • FavRenAdd 2007-08-20 - Rename Internet Shortcuts (*.url) to Favorites.
  • SpeedUp 2007-06-28 - Tune K-Meleon's pageload performance.
  • Shortcut 2006-11-27 - Send URLs to your desktop as Internet Shortcut (*.url).

(mostly Web Services)

  • Orbit Grab 2010-01-17 - Download videos & music using Orbit Downloader's Grab++ feature in K-Meleon.
  • GetFlash 2009-06-05 - (WS) Extract and save flash content or flash videos(flv).
  • Only Video 2008-04-27 - Play Youtube videos without Javascript.
  • Kissyoutube 2008-04-27 - (WS) Youtube videos played without Javascript.
  • VideoDownloader 2008-01-21 - (WS) Save Flash Movies to disk using videodownloader.net.
  • KeepVid 2007-06-19 - (WS) Save Flash Movies to disk using keepvid.com.

Web Services

  • WebForms 2009-02-23 -Auto-fills webforms from the context-menu.
  • PingBack 2008-10-02 - Display page host's IP address in the window title.
  • WobZIP 2008-08-14 - Uncompress files on the fly.
  • GoPgRank 2008-05-20 - Retrieve and display the Google page rank
  • Google Application 2008-05-11 - Popup small windows to view Google applications page contents. That is very similar sidebar in firefox.
  • Simply Google Reader 2008-05-11 - Add subscription to Google Reader.
  • GReader 2008-05-06 - Macros for Google Reader.
  • Coralize 2008-03-20 - Fetch page or link through CoralCDN.
  • Sproose 2008-03-13 - Vote for websites and run web searches in Sproose.
  • GoogleCache 2008-03-13 - View Google Cache copy of page or link.
  • BugMeNot 2007-06-19 - Bypass compulsory registration using bugmenot.com.
  • WHOIS 2007-06-19 - Find out more about domains you're visiting.
  • W3C 2007-06-19 - Validate web pages using the W3C's tools.

Web Services: Bookmarks, Link Sharing, Clip ....

  • (PS: For Local Bookmarks see "General" above)
  • vi.sualize.us 2008-08-04 - Bookmark an image using vi.sualize.us.
  • GNote 2008-07-14 - Clip from web pages to Google Notebook.
  • GShared 2008-05-08 - Share web pages on Google Shared Stuff.
  • Evernote 2008-04-29 - Clip a web page to Evernote.
  • Readbag 2008-04-24 - Add a bookmark to Readbag.
  • GBookmarks 2008-03-28 - Bookmark a page in Google Bookmarks.
  • FriendFeed 2008-03-26 - Share a link on FriendFeed.
  • Profilactic 2008-03-26 - Share a link on Profilactic.
  • Delicious 2008-03-12 - Post bookmarks to del.icio.us.

URL Shortening Services

  • is.gd 2008-07-22 - Shorten the URL of a page or link using is.gd.
  • urlBorg 2008-07-22 - Shorten the URL of a page or link using urlBorg.
  • bit.ly 2008-07-22 - Shorten the URL of a page or link using bit.ly.
  • TinyURL 2008-04-23 - Shorten the URL of a page or link using TinyURL.
  • Tweetburner 2008-04-15 - Shorten the URL of a page or link using Tweetburner.
  • Snipr 2008-04-08 - Shorten the URL of a page or link using Snipr.
  • urlTea 2008-03-13 - Shorten the URL of a page or link using urlTea.

Third Party Programs


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