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If you want to inform users about your own K-Meleon Extension Page or if you want to discuss an extension or extension page, please, use an existing thread or open Your own new thread on the Extensions dedicated forum.

Please, give the owner of the respective Extension Page a chance to post there first so that he can control the post about their own page, so that he can later edit it.

When You are a user that knows a page that has not been mentioned here for a while, You can also post it on the Extensions dedicated forum. But please understand that admins may remove Your post as duplicate, when the owner of the page later posts here.

Legal Disclaimer


Responsible for K-Meleon Extension Pages and extensions are their respective owners.

NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. Use on your own risk.

After this is said: Thanks to all K-Meleon contributors.

For now, two websites have a lot of extensions for K-Meleon and offers an extension manager:

K-Meleon Extensions & Add-ons Resources

K-Meleon Extension Setup (KMES): On the K-Meleon Extension Setup pages you can find a description of this extension setup system and more interesting for the users, a lot of extensions (some Mozilla extensions, for example) adapted for K-Meleon.

K-Meleon Extensions Central: http://kmext.sourceforge.net is the place where you will find many of the popular mozilla xpi extensions modified to work with K-Meleon as well as many other non-xul extensions written especially for K-Meleon.


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