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Submitted by: rstlne


Macros for posting a bookmark and viewing the shadow page for a bookmark at Shadows, a social bookmarks manager. In the bookmarks posting macro, the title and url are taken from the current page and the form for posting to Shadows will open up in a new window, tab, or layer. In the shadow page viewing macro, a new window, tab, or layer will open up to the shadow page for the current url.

The luamacros plugin is required. This plugin can be found in K-MeleonCCF 0.04 Beta 3 or K-MeleonCCF ME 0.049 and later.

Save as shadows.lua:

-- Lua macros for Shadows

local function encode2(url)
    return string.gsub(url, "(a-zA-Z0-9_%.%-?)", function (s)
        return string.format("
02X", string.byte(s)) end) end local function EE2(str) return encode2(EncodeUTF8(str)) end local function GotoNew?(hwnd, url) NavigateTo?(url, OPEN_NEW, hwnd) end function ShadowsTagIt?(hwnd) local title, url = GetDocInfo?(hwnd) url = url or "" if title nil or title "" then title = url end GotoNew?(hwnd, "http://www.shadows.com/features/tcr.htm?url=" .. EE2(url) .. "&title=" .. EE2(title)) end function ShadowsShowPage?(hwnd) local title, url = GetDocInfo?(hwnd) url = url or "" GotoNew?(hwnd, "http://www.shadows.com/shadows.aspx?url=" .. EE2(url)) end

In macros.lua:

require "copyaslink"
require "google"
require "multiclip"
require "groups"
require "search"
require "search_add"

require "shadows"

In Menus:

View Page{
:View Page Info
macros(URLInIE, View Page In IE)
macros(ietab, View Page In IE engine)
macros(GoogleCache, View Google cache of page)

%ifplugin luamacros
luamacros(ShadowsTagIt?, Tag this page in Shadows)
luamacros(ShadowsShowPage?, Show shadow page)


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