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Features ◦SpellChecker: All you need to use spellchecker in K-Meleon. ◦Control and disable popup windows: Take control of your browser and stop those annoying popup and popunder ads! ◦Loader: Why wait for K-Meleon to load? Speed-start your browsing with the Loader ◦Privacy: Learn how to protect your privacy while using K-Meleon ◦Proxies: See how to configure your proxy settings Customization ◦How to install a new skin: Learn how to install a new skin. Find out what all the various files are, and what they do. ◦Control K-Meleon's display with CSS: Find out how to block ads and control the display of web pages. ◦Change Default Font Style: Learn how to change the default font style K-Meleon uses to display text. ◦Character Encoding and Language Groups: Learn how to configure K-Meleon to view web pages in languages other than English ◦Clear URLs from URL Bar Drop-Down Menu: Protect your Privacy and Security by learning how to clear the URL drop-down menu of saved URLs. ◦Disable Link Underlining: If you don't like your links underlined, learn how to turn the lines off! ◦Search Engine Selection: Modify the search engine and query used by the toolbar's Search button. ◦Securing K-Meleon for Public Access: Step-by-step guides on how you can lock down K-Meleon for use in public areas and kiosks. ◦Customizing Preferences: Learn how to customize additional settings not listed in the Preferences panel. ◦Open Links and Pages in K-Meleon from Internet Explorer: Open links or pages in K-Meleon from Internet Explorer. ◦Ad Blocking using Privoxy: Use a simple ad filtering software to block advertisements in K-Meleon. ◦How to make an UNOFFICIAL GRE update: Update your K-Meleon to a new Gecko engine version. ◦How to make K-Meleon Portable: Make your K-Meleon Portable to use from USB memory device. ◦How to install Estonian ID-card in K-M: Install the Estonian ID-card (national smart card used for personal authentication), without any problems. Third-party plugins ◦How to install Sun's JavaPlugin. ◦FlashPlayer?: Enable K-Meleon with Flash using this step-by-step guide. ◦RealPlayer: Enable K-Meleon to use the Real Player to play Real Audio files. ◦QuickTime: Install QuickTime Player. Data Recovery Florida reallycheaphealthinsurance.com Pariuri Bet365 Sports Betting Bonus Ulcer Treatment What is MS What is Shingles What is ADHD What is Dyslexia Backlink List

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