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Submitted by: Yagami_ex


This macro is a shortcut for the site javimoya.com, it asks for link of the video and opens a new window that is a mini-site. Very useful for the peoplef who likes to download videos but do not like to be going in the site javimoya.com.
PS:Sorry for my bad english, i am brazillian and used a translator.

In Macros:

Youtube_down {
menu = "Youtube Downloader"
$urlvideo = prompt("Put the URL of the video here","Youtube Downloader", "i.e.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cSRpu7bI04")
$urlsite = "http://videodownloader.net/get/?url="
opennew($urlsite . $urlvideo)

In Menus:

macros(Youtube_down, Youtube Downloader)
:&Mail And News
:Page &Search
:&Web Search
:&Translate From

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