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Disini anda dapati pautan lain ke laman Wiki K-Meleon dalam bahasa lain. Untuk terjemahan Menu Pelayar lawati laman sini.

Bahasa yang ada:

* Polish http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php?binary=internal%3A%2F%2F2bd89081054b77e9f1289c58226d3a22.gif

* Melayu http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/gfx/gflag-it2.gif

* Bahasa lain?

Bukan semua orang bertutur dalam bahasa English, dan barangkali tidak ingin atau tidak dapat (seperti biasa terjadi di Perancis). Saya akan menterjemahnya kedalam bahasa Melayu. If you want to add your language translation, edit this page, add your own language in the list as follows:

  • copy and paste 'Other Language' line
  • modify the first 'Other Language' line with the adapted translation of <your country> documentation (KmeleonWikiXx where Xx are the two letters of your country for exemple KmeleonWikiFr for France) See official ISO 639.2 codes.
  • add your language flag (you can found some flags here).
  • save the modified page
  • choose a country in the field 'Switch to' (at the left of the page) for example Français
  • quit K-Meleon and edit cookies.txt in your profile folder, and change the language from fr to the letters of your country (the one you used before)
  • the line is like this :
  • kmeleon.sourceforge.net FALSE / FALSE 1167232446 lang fr
  • and becomes like this (for spain for example):
  • kmeleon.sourceforge.net FALSE / FALSE 1167232446 lang ar
  • save and close cookies.txt
  • launch K-Meleon, you now have your Kmeleon language cookie with the good value.
  • Sekarang sunting laman ini sebelum bendera negara anda

dan mula kerja.

Untuk membantu anda, saya telah menyimpan semua laman, tetapi ia cepat lapuk.

Since a few days, when editing a non translated page, the wiki edit window is automaticly filled with english version. No more need to copy/paste or download the english version. This feature is possible only if, as we advice (see just after), the name you give is formed since the english one. Cool feature, isn't it?

Last advices:

  • don't change english wiki keywords, just add your country at the end of the name, it will be easier to maintain. (for example, KMeleonWiki for me becomes KMeleonWikiFr).
  • if you create pages that don't exist in english language take the same rule to name your page (with adding your country at the end of the name) and choose english words. It's possible an english one will be created later from your page.
  • I'm asking a tool on the site to presente the pages in englist with their last date and the others countries in regard to easily maintain translations.
  • for the links prefer the form (text | keyword) to (Text) which is equal here to (keyword), because it's easier to change links and the link text is easier to integrate into the text.
  • when you edit a page, after saving and before editing again the same page, Clear the cache disk and memory of Kmeleon (all versions), else, the page is at the last version, but the page source in EditThatPage is in the old version, and it's not possible to save the last modifications. An other solution is to change 'Cache Comparison' to 'Always'.

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